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Chapter 343 - Your Uncle Cares About You

Chapter 343: Your Uncle Cares About You

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But she had to force a smile. “Is Miss Wu at home? Lady Wang is asking for her.”

Granny Zhao asked what it was about and Granny Gui said, “Sir Yan’s mother is celebrating her 80th birthday today and the ladies of all the major families are going to attend the banquet. Since Miss Wu is back, she can’t hide in Fallen Star Yard forever, can she?”

Granny Zhao snapped, “You —”

Granny Gui smiled. “I always speak my mind and I admit that I’m not the smoothest talker. But I’m telling the truth. Miss Wu can’t hide behind closed doors forever, can she? She has to get married and have babies someday.”

Granny Zhao glowered. “It’s none of your business!”

Granny Gui shook her head and smiled wryly. “She’s not your Miss Wu alone, but a daughter of the Feng clan as well. If Miss Wu was a cultivator like all her sisters, we wouldn’t be rushing her into marriage. But she’s crippled. So, getting married is her only option now —”

Granny Zhao was so angry that she wanted to slap Granny Gui. Even Qiuling rushed out of the kitchen with a cleaver in her hand.

Feng Wu had finished washing up by then and she walked out wearing a long dress with buttons down the front and a light red robe. Standing there gracefully, she reminded one of spring sunshine and morning dew.

Although Feng Wu didn’t utter a word, Granny Gui couldn’t help but shudder at Feng Wu’s presence…

How could this be? Granny Gui was shaken. Miss Wu was useless now, but how could she still be this intimidating? Especially those eyes, which made Granny Gui feel as if her heart had been pierced through with a sword!

“Let’s go,” Feng Wu said unhurriedly, looking as stunning as ever.

“Miss Wu —”

Quling and Granny Zhao each took one of Feng Wu’s arms and both shook their heads repeatedly.

After everything Feng Wu had put her through, Lady Wang was never going to help Feng Wu get a good husband. Of course she was going to get the worst candidate possible!

However, Feng Wu only smiled and left them some instructions. “Shut the door after I leave and look after my mother.”

Granny Zhao and Qiuling saw the light suddenly and they realized why Feng Wu was so calm… After that, they turned in unison and gave Granny Gui inscrutable glances, which baffled the latter.

Feng Wu followed Granny Gui to Flying Snow Building, and the latter managed to exchange some pleasantries with Feng Wu along the way, although her smile looked rather stiff.

Feng Wu was on guard.

She spotted Feng Liu as soon as she set foot inside Flying Snow Building.

Feng Liu had dressed up for the occasion. She was bright-eyed and looked as pretty as a picture. Her lilac dress went all the way down to her ankles, the layers of which reminded one of floating clouds, and she wore a pair of embroidered shoes rimmed with golden thread.

Feng Wu was secretly amazed. After what had happened, Feng Liu could act as if she was completely unaffected. Tough girl.

Feng Liu returned Feng Wu’s stare with a dirty look. She snorted and went back to her mother.

Despite Lady Wang’s hatred for Feng Wu, she was able to squeeze out a kind smile like a gracious aunt should. “Xiao Wu, there you are. Come, I’ve prepared an outfit for you.”

Feng Wu took a glance at the pale green dress and shook her head. “That won’t be necessary.”

Lady Wang smiled as she took Feng Wu’s arm. “Xiao Wu, your uncle left me with instructions that we should show you around more. He also asked me to make some new clothes for you. Your uncle really cares about you.”

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