Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 342 - Malicious Intentions

Chapter 342: Malicious Intentions

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“Although you’re not a Spiritual Grandmaster yet, I can tell you something in advance!” Little Phoenix said in excitement. “Get in here! Quickly!”

Feng Wu had been intrigued this whole time about the method for waking up her master.

Hence, she turned into her spiritual form and entered her ring the next moment.

The first thing she saw was her beautiful master, who was still lying there with his eyes closed.

Her beautiful master’s layered robes hung over the edges of the ice bed like white clouds.

His exquisite features were breathtaking.

On his smooth, glowing forehead, a faint scar marked where the Divine Blood of the Phoenix had been taken out.

Little Phoenix said to Feng Wu, “Look at that scar on my master’s forehead. Does it look like a star to you?”

After taking a closer look, Feng Wu saw that the scar was indeed star-shaped.

“Do you want to bring him back?” Little Phoenix asked.

“Of course!” Feng Wu clenched her fists.

It was her ultimate fixation!

“Good,” Little Phoenix said. “All you have to do is gather all five broken pieces of the star and insert them in that scar. That way, my master can wake up.”

Feng Wu’s eyes sparkled. “That’s all?”

“That’s all?!” Little Phoenix rolled its eyes at Feng Wu. “Do you have any idea who the owners of those five pieces are? You make it sound so easy! It’s harder than collecting real stars!”

Feng Wu was used to Little Phoenix’s sarcasm already, and she only prompted, “Who?”

Little Phoenix said proudly, “You don’t need to know the others. You won’t be able to get them now anyway. It’ll only get you killed quicker.”

“I’m making progress, you know?” Feng Wu protested.

Little Phoenix snorted. “Become a Spiritual Grandmaster first, then we’ll talk.”

Feng Wu was speechless.

She wished that she could get to the Spiritual Grandmaster stage more than anything else, but she had hit a bottleneck, which was so frustrating.

Little Phoenix knew that it was making an impossible request as well. Feng Wu was already doing a great job by rising to a Level 9 Spiritual Master from scratch in an unprecedented few months. No one on the entire continent had ever been able to do this.

Feng Wu went back to their previous topic. “Fine, don’t tell me the rest, but what about the first piece? Are you suggesting that…”

“Yes!” Little Phoenix sounded thrilled. “That first piece of the star is on that man in a purple robe, that Sir Yan your uncle was fawning over.”

Feng Wu nodded. “That’s Yan Shifan, a minister on the Grand Council as well as the Ministry of Official Personnel.”

“That’s him!” Little Phoenix grabbed Feng Wu’s sleeve, the look in its eyes fervent. “You have to get that first piece, and you better be quick about it!”


Little Phoenix nodded. “The broken star pieces can thoroughly remold and change a person’s body, improving their physical strength. How long do you think that Sir Yan will wait before he uses it on himself? Once he does that… your beautiful master will never wake up!”

Feng Wu clenched her fists!

It was late, but instead of going back home, Feng Wu headed for the Yan manor.

No one but herself knew what she did there.

The next day, Feng Wu heard familiar footsteps as soon as she woke up.

It was Granny Gui.

Granny Gui had been holding a grudge against Fallen Star Yard since the last time, but —

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