Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 341 - The Unaware Prey

Chapter 341: The Unaware Prey

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Feng Wu smacked herself on the forehead as soon as she walked out!


She had forgotten all about Xiaoqi!

It had been two months since Jun Linyuan took him away and she wondered how he was doing now.

Angry and ashamed, Feng Wu turned in the direction of the crown prince’s residence.

She had just jumped onto a wall, when she saw a carriage coming her way.

She quickly made her way up a leafy Chinese parasol tree and took cover in the branches. It was well after dark, so no one would be able to make her out that way.

The carriage stopped under the tree Feng Wu was hiding in and two slim figures came out.

Under the dim moonlight, Feng Wu recognized them.

Feng Liu and Yan Yan?

Since when were they so close? They were holding hands when they came out and both were smiling.

The friendly atmosphere between the two gave Feng Wu the creeps.

Hearing their conversation, Feng Wu frowned.

Feng Liu smiled brightly. “So, deal?”

Yan Yan reached out to her with a finger. “Pinky swear.”

They exchanged looks and smiled wickedly at each other, as if they had reached some secret deal.

Feng Liu said, “I’ll leave you here. You better go back before Feng Wu finds out you’re here.” She then gestured toward the yard. “The first courtyard in that direction is Fallen Star Yard, where Feng Wu and her family now live.”

Yan Yan’s smile widened. “Fallen Star Yard? That’s quite fitting. Was it made specifically for Feng Wu?”

Feng Liu grinned. “A star falling to the dirt. That’s very suitable and very satisfying.”

Yan Yan raised her chin. “We’ve come up with this plan right outside her wall. Imagine how frustrated she’ll be if she finds out about this later.”

Both girls laughed wholeheartedly when they imagined how helpless Feng Wu would be when she walked into the trap.

“I’m going in, then.” Yan Yan waved at Feng Liu.

Feng Liu said, “See you tomorrow.”

After Yan Yan left in her carriage, Feng Liu grinned maliciously in Yan Yan’s direction. After that, she darted a contemptuous look in the direction of Fallen Star Yard before jumping over the wall and disappearing into the night.

Feng Wu didn’t move even after Feng Liu was gone.

She was replaying Feng Liu and Yan Yan’s conversation in her head.

Those two would never have expected Feng Wu to be right over their heads in a leafy tree when they chatted by the wall next to her courtyard.

Feng Wu smiled. It seemed that tomorrow would be a very interesting day.

She had to be ready for tomorrow, and it seemed that Xiaoqi would have to wait. Feng Wu darted a pitiful look in the direction of Jun Linyuan’s residence.

“That man in the purple robe was a Yan.” Little Phoenix couldn’t see what was going on outside, but could hear them.

Hence, it had also heard Feng Liu and Yan Yan’s plan.

Feng Wu said grumpily, “So what?”

“He has the thing you need! I’m telling you!” Little Phoenix insisted. “You have to reach the Spiritual Grandmaster stage. Right now, Zuo Qingluan can finish you off with a flip of her hand! I’ve heard so many people speaking despicably about you, and as your mount, I’m so ashamed!”

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