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Chapter 346 - Visiting the Yan Manor

Chapter 346: Visiting the Yan Manor

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Feng Yanfeng had enjoined Lady Wang repeatedly, telling her to fawn over the Yan family as best as she could!

Lady Wang smiled. She wouldn’t fail her husband!

They headed for the Yan manor in a carriage. Lady Wang and Feng Liu sat on one side and Feng Wu sat on the other.

Feng Wu was the fifth daughter in the clan, which meant that she had four elder sisters.

Bored by the uneventful ride, Feng Wu asked Feng Liu, who sat rigidly upright opposite her, “Where’s my third sister? I haven’t seen her since I got back.”

Her eldest and second sisters were Lady Wang’s daughters, both of whom had gotten married. Her third sister, on the other hand, was still single.

“Feng Wu, you should consider yourself lucky that my third sister is absent!” Feng Liu smirked. “Don’t worry. You’ll see how capable she is when she gets back from Imperial College!”

Feng Wu replied with a half-smile, “Why aren’t you in Imperial College yet?”

That successfully silenced Feng Liu!

The cultivation education system in the Junwu Empire consisted of junior, intermediate, and advanced schools.

One would only be admitted to the junior school after they became a Level 3 Spiritual Master, and would graduate when they reached Level 6.

The intermediate school was open to those who had reached Level 5, and the students graduated at Level 9.

Only those who had reached the Spiritual Grandmaster stage could apply to the advanced school.

Feng Liu was a Level 6 Spiritual Master at the moment, which meant that she had just reached the standard for the intermediate school, and was way below the entry level for Imperial College, the advanced school.

Feng Liu glared at Feng Wu. “At least I’m in the intermediate school. Feng Wu, you’re useless and you can’t even get into the junior one. No, you’re too useless to even get into a nursery school! You’re only humiliating yourself by bringing it up!”

Feng Wu darted a look at Lady Wang. As expected, the lady kept her eyes closed, as if she was sleeping, but in fact, she was giving Feng Liu tacit consent for her words. Feng Wu smiled. “I’ll be in Imperial College soon.”

“Hahahaha —” Feng Liu laughed, as if she had heard the funniest joke. She laughed until she was in tears. “You? Get into Imperial College? You’re not even a Level 1 Spiritual Master! Are you going to ignore all college regulations?”

Feng Wu shrugged. “You’ll see.”

Feng Liu kept her unblinking gaze on Feng Wu, as if she was going to bore into Feng Wu’s flesh with her eyes.

Despite her arrogant laughter, she had never forgotten how brilliant Feng Wu had been. Could she really get into Imperial College?

The carriage stopped as they spoke.

Granny Gui’s voice came from outside. “My lady, we’re at the Yan manor.”

As one of the most influential officials at court, Sir Yan’s banquet had attracted a great number of guests.

Needless to say, Lady Wang wasn’t important enough for Mrs Yan to greet in person.

A maid welcomed Lady Wang at the gate before showing them the way to the banquet.

The venue was quite spacious. The male guests were entertained on the left and the ladies on the right. The two areas were only separated by a hedge.

There had been influential officials from the Feng clan before, and it had been one of the nine major clans. However, its status had continued to fall after it was no longer among the nine… It had never been this inconsequential.

As a result, Lady Wang was seated at quite a remote table.

Seeing her seat and the ladies around her, Lady Wang frowned.

She was too far away from the center to even talk to Mrs Yan.

Feng Wu looked up and saw Mrs Yan sitting at the host table in the center. Among the ladies sitting with her, there was a face that Feng Wu recognized.

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