Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 307 - Claim the Credit —

Chapter 307: Claim the Credit —

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This wasn’t little Feng Wu at all!

Moreover, Yu Mingye realized that he had met this girl before!

Yu Mingye let go and Feng Liu dropped to the ground with a loud thump.

But that Spring Breeze Powder was so potent!

It was an aphrodisiac as well as a hallucinogenic drug, so powerful that it could make a person lose their head completely!

As a result, Feng Liu’s first reaction was to wrap herself around Yu Mingye’s thigh and try to crawl up, regardless of the painful fall.

Yu Mingye was almost driven mad!

This woman!

What was he supposed to do with this woman?!

So, the woman that had kissed him and seduced him wasn’t little Feng Wu!

Yu Mingye was disgusted by the thought of this woman’s hands on him. He picked up Feng Liu and wrapped his fingers around her neck!

Yu Mingye might look like a goofball around Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan, but he was first and foremost the sacred son of the Dark Court! He was born with violence running through his veins!

A cruel and fierce look filled his eyes, which had been bright and mild a moment ago!

Feng Liu couldn’t breathe. In Yu Mingye’s hand, her neck felt as brittle as a toy.

Yu Mingye felt like killing her right there and then!

Just then, footsteps came from outside.

Yu Mingye had his own agenda for coming here and he had only chosen paths hidden by the big leafy trees. Hence, no one on the main path of the house would realize that he was only ten meters away from them.

But it was just before dawn and the sun could rise at any moment. The sky was lightening on the horizon.

The Feng manor’s lower-ranked servants were already getting up.

Right now, two maids of lower rank were walking along the path.

“Have you heard? Miss Wu is back.”

“Of course I have. It’s like the biggest news these days. Sigh, poor Miss Wu.”

“You don’t say. Northern Border City is so much better than here. Why did she have to come back?”

“I heard that Lady Wang had them live in Fallen Star Yard?”

“You mean the one with a giant pagoda tree outside the yard?”

“Yes, that one.”

The two cleaning girls walked away as they talked, but an idea struck Yu Mingye, who had hidden behind some rocks.

After his head cooled down, he recognized the girl in his arms.

It was Feng Liu!

She was Feng Wu’s sister and he had met her in Northern Border City.

Yu Mingye remembered that Feng Wu didn’t look to be on good terms with this sister, but after all, they were family. Feng Wu would be mad at him if he strangled Feng Liu to death.

He just had to rescue her from a giant Fire Wolf. He had saved Feng Wu’s sister and he was going to claim credit for it!

Killing Feng Liu now would do him no good.

However, if he brought Feng Liu to Feng Wu… Well, Feng Wu would owe him a favor.

Hoho —

Yu Mingye was exhilarated!

According to those maids, Feng Wu lived in Fallen Star Yard now, which had a big pagoda tree outside.

Fallen Star Yard wasn’t easy to find, but a yard with a big pagoda tree in the front was easy to spot. Yu Mingye jumped onto the wall, and found the place after a quick look around.

Once he had figured that out, Yu Mingye picked up Feng Liu and headed for Fallen Star Yard right away!

Dawn had yet to break and it was that time of day when everyone was still sound asleep.

Crack —

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