Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 306 - Oh God —

Chapter 306: Oh God —

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Yu Mingye charged out and swung his fist at the Fire Wolf, sending the animal flying backward. It hit a wall and blood gushed out of its mouth.

Once the wolf was taken care of, Yu Mingye took the girl’s hand. “Little Feng Wu! Don’t be afraid! I’m here for you!”

After that, he took off his robe and wrapped it around the girl.

Outside, the bright moon was hidden behind thick clouds.

Yu Mingye had taken the girl for Feng Wu without giving it another thought. Throwing her on his back, he dashed off and disappeared from the spiritual beast farm in the blink of an eye.

Right now, all Feng Liu wore was the robe that Yu Mingye had wrapped around her.

Resting on Yu Mingye’s back, her firm breasts pressed against the teenager’s back. Yu Mingye stiffened right away and his mind went blank!

Shit! Yu Mingye’s legs almost gave out and his mouth felt dry. Little Feng Wu was really… seductive tonight.

Did she like him? Yu Mingye had butterflies in his stomach as that thought popped into his head. He smiled like a little kid.

Yu Mingye had no idea that he was carrying Feng Liu on his back.

Feng Liu, on the other hand, had no idea where she was either.

Under the effect of the Spring Breeze Powder, Feng Liu’s body felt boneless and extremely aroused.

Leaning on Yu Mingye’s back, she rested her head on his nape, and Yu Mingye could feel her hot breath on his ears. It felt so sensual, especially with all the moaning she was doing.

Yu Mingye thought his head was going to explode!

This woman was incredible!

Yu Mingye’s muscles stiffened. He looked straight ahead and had to use all his strength to keep his breathing steady. “Little Feng Wu, I’m warning you! Stop doing this! I have someone I like already!”

As soon as Yu Mingye began to speak, Feng Liu sensed his virility, which excited her greatly. The delirious girl trembled all over.

She forgot about everything else. Wrapping her fair, slim arms around Yu Mingye’s neck, she began to kiss and lick him!

As a red-blooded virgin, Yu Mingye could never resist such temptation, not to mention that he had taken the girl for Feng Wu, the person that he had been thinking about!

“Hey! Little Feng Wu! I’m warning you! Stop it!” Yu Mingye went completely stiff. Despite his harsh tone, he did nothing to stop her.

Feng Liu had surrendered to this male body already. Her bloodshot eyes glistened and her vision had gone blurry. Staying on his back could no longer satisfy her. Hence, she began to struggle, trying to climb over his shoulder.

“You’re impossible!” Yu Mingye cursed, but he was rejoicing inside!

He had never thought that the haughty little Feng Wu could be this passionate. He knew it! He knew that the girl was secretly in love with him! It was just that when he had brought it up earlier, all his elders had shaken their heads in unison!

He was telling the truth!

Yu Mingye let the girl climb over his shoulder —

Just then.

The thick clouds scattered and the moon shone brightly again.

Yu Mingye could now see her face clearly!

And he felt like he had been struck by a thunderbolt!

Oh god!

Yu Mingye thought he was going to lose his mind!

The half-naked girl wrapped in his robe wasn’t little Feng Wu at all!!!

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