Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 308 - Black-Hearted

Chapter 308: Black-Hearted

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There was a faint crackling sound.

Feng Wu woke up with a start. She narrowed her eyes in the darkness, and a sharp dagger appeared in her hand!

Who was it? Who would show up at this hour?

It was too early for Lady Wang, for she wanted to ruin the reputation of Feng Wu’s branch of the clan, so she would wait until everyone was up.

So, who could it be?

Feng Wu waited by the door, the dagger in her hand glinting coldly.

Squeak —

The door opened and a figure entered stealthily.

Right at that moment, Feng Wu pressed the blade to the person’s throat!

Blood squirted out!

Yu Mingye’s stomach lurched!

He hadn’t expected such a threat!

Tossing Feng Liu onto the ground, he quickly reached for the dagger with his right hand!

However, Feng Wu was one step ahead of him.

In the dark, she circled around to Yu Mingye’s side, using a move from Phoenix Dance, then stabbed down at an acupoint on his waist!

Just then, the moon shone into the room through the open door.

Under the silver moonlight, Feng Wu made out the teenager’s face.

“Yu Mingye?!”

Feng Wu cried out in surprise!

“Little Feng Wu!”

Yu Mingye was even more surprised!

Touching the shallow cut on his throat, he couldn’t believe that Feng Wu had just given him that wound. This girl really was a little tiger deep down.

However, Yu Mingye wasn’t what attracted Feng Wu’s attention now, for under the moonlight, she spotted Feng Liu on the ground.

Feng Liu was still wrapped in Yu Mingye’s robe. The belt had loosened, exposing most of her breasts, which looked rather fair and tender under the silver moonlight. She couldn’t stop moaning.

Feng Wu was baffled.

Her plans always worked perfectly, for she always made sure to consider the tiniest details in advance, but could someone please explain to her: what was Feng Liu doing here?

The girl had been left with the Fire Wolf. Why was she here now?

Feng Wu narrowed her eyes and looked Yu Mingye up and down with an indecipherable expression in her eyes.

Yu Mingye was here to claim credit. Without an invitation, he sat down in a chair, crossed his legs in a conceited manner, raised his chin, and gave Feng Wu a sidelong glance. “Little Feng Wu, see that?”

Feng Wu nodded. “Yup.”

Yu Mingye was gloating and failed to notice the conflicted look on Feng Wu’s face. He went on flaunting his achievement. “I came to your manor tonight to… well, to take a walk.”

Thinking that little Feng Wu would turn cocky if she knew that he was here tonight just for her, Yu Mingye made up a random excuse.

“I see that Young Master Yu is enjoying life,” Feng Wu said in a low voice, revealing none of her conflicting emotions.

“Yup.” Crossing his legs at the knees, Yu Mingye went on. “I was walking around when I heard something in the spiritual beast farm. I went to have a look and I was shocked! Your family’s Fire Wolf was trying to do dirty things to this girl!”

Feng Wu took a deep breath. “… Then?”

Yu Mingye couldn’t tell her that he had mistaken Feng Liu for Feng Wu and that the girl had tried to stick her tongue in his mouth, so he said, “I pushed that wolf away and saw that, oh my god, the girl who had almost been ravished was your sister!”

Feng Wu smacked her forehead!

Yu Mingye grew more excited as he went on. “I was astonished! I’m your… friend, I guess? And I couldn’t just stand there and let my friend’s sister be ruined by an animal! What kind of person would that make me?! Right?”

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