Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 278 - The Superb Miss Wu

Chapter 278: The Superb Miss Wu

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Feng Wu sensed the strange atmosphere and asked in confusion, “Why are all of you so quiet?”

Qiuling replied tentatively, “Miss, I thought… I thought you were upset.”

“Since when?” Feng Wu asked in resignation.

“When we left just then, you were so —”

Feng Wu gave her a wry smile. “How cheerful could I be? They took our tent. But you have to admit, we’re so much more relaxed now, after leaving the crown prince and his wingmen.”

“The crown prince and his wingmen?” Qiuling grimaced, then agreed. “That’s right. The crown prince and his wingmen, well, especially His Royal Highness… Even the air feels denser when he’s around. I had to walk on tiptoes. It indeed feels much more relaxing when they’re not around anymore.”

The others chimed in after Qiuling said that, and even the lady nodded repeatedly while holding Feng Wu’s hand.

Feng Wu smacked her forehead. So, everyone agreed that Jun Linyuan was such an intimidating man.

“Since all of us don’t like to have them around, we’ll travel on our own from now on!” Feng Wu made the decision.

“But —” Qiuling asked gingerly, “Will it be safe for us?”

Feng Wu smiled. “I’m a Level 8 Spiritual Master already and Uncle Qiu is almost recovered. I think the two of us are more than enough to keep everyone safe.”

“Level 8?!” Uncle Qiu looked at Feng Wu in disbelief. “Miss Wu, you’ve reached Level 8 already?!”

Uncle Qiu was a Level 7 Spiritual Master and he knew better than anyone else here that the more one advanced, the more difficult it was for them to make further progress. Take himself as an example. He had been stuck at Level 7 for several years without making any progress at all.

Feng Wu smiled. “Yes. I reached Level 8 only hours ago.”

“If I recall correctly… Miss Wu, you only restarted your cultivation the day we set out, didn’t you?” Uncle Qiu was so excited that the corner of his mouth trembled, as well as his voice.

Feng Wu nodded casually.

Uncle Qiu was speechless.

So was Granny Zhao.

And Qiuling.

Their Miss Wu was incredible!

“Hahahaha —” Joy almost brought tears to Uncle Qiu’s eyes. “I was worried about protecting this branch of the Feng clan from all those prying eyes after we get back to the imperial capital, but I now see that my concerns are completely unnecessary! Our Miss Wu is a genius!”

Granny Zhao added happily, “No one will ever look down upon Miss Wu and this second branch of the Feng clan anymore!”

The beautiful lady had no idea why everyone else was so excited, but hearing their praise for Feng Wu, she smiled happily.

It was already quite late and Feng Wu spared Granny Zhao from making a proper dinner. She boiled a pot of hot water and made five bowls of instant noodles instead. After the quick supper, everyone went back to their own tents.

Feng Wu and Uncle Qiu were to keep watch.

Knowing that the second shift was the harder one, Feng Wu told Uncle Qiu to take the first shift.

Naturally, Uncle Qiu tried to refuse, but Feng Wu persuaded him with the simplest reason: she would cultivate while she kept watch and she needed absolute silence. Magical beasts still made all kinds of noises during the first shift and it would be impossible for her to cultivate properly.

Uncle Qiu had no choice but to agree.

In Jun Linyuan’s tent.

Luminous pearls lit up the extravagant interior of the tent, making it as bright as daylight.

The crown prince had his beautiful deep-set eyes closed as he sat there with a straight back and his legs crossed. He was cultivating.

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