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Chapter 279 - The Restless Crown Prince

Chapter 279: The Restless Crown Prince

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Usually, Jun Linyuan could enter the state of meditation as soon as he closed his eyes, but now —

He had a big frown on his face.

He was less than 15 minutes into his cultivation and little Feng Wu had popped into his head no less than 10 times.

Jun Linyuan opened his eyes and looked very grim.

For the first time in his life, Jun Linyuan realized that he couldn’t clear his head of distracting thoughts.

He would go to sleep, then!

Climbing into his bed in frustration, Jun Linyuan pulled the duvet into his arms.

However, as soon as he closed his eyes, little Feng Wu was there again, giving him a teasing wink.

Jun Linyuan was astonished!

Turning around in frustration, he tried lying on his other side.

When he was finally getting a little sleepy, what happened earlier in the lake came back into his head like a slideshow —

Jun Linyuan was amazed by how retentive his memory was. He remembered everything vividly, from when Feng Wu took off her undergarment to everything after that. The look in her eyes, her facial expressions, her movements, her voice… Blood rushed to Jun Linyuan’s head!


Jun Linyuan bolted up and punched the bed! Was this Feng Wu girl a witch or something?!

The bed was a makeshift one built from wood, and naturally, it couldn’t withstand that punch. It crumbled with a crack!

Feng Xun hadn’t gone to bed yet and had been walking around Jun Linyuan’s tent in circles. From Jun Linyuan’s position, Feng Xun looked like a lonely wandering ghost.

Hearing the noise, Feng Xun rushed into the tent immediately.

“Boss Jun! Boss Jun!”

However, what Feng Xun saw astonished him.

Jun Linyuan sat there among broken pieces of wood with a duvet in his arms. The guy was too shocked to react.

Feng Xun had never seen Jun Linyuan in such a sorry state before.

This was Jun Linyuan, the all-powerful, resolute, and merciless crown prince who placed martial prowess above all else! However, the look on his face now reminded Feng Xun of a five-year-old.

Feng Xun wanted to suppress his laughter, but —

“Hahahaha —” Feng Xun laughed until the muscles in his belly ached and tears rolled down his cheeks.

“Shut up!” Jun Linyuan snapped.

Unable to fight back his laughter, Feng Xun dashed out of the tent and guffawed.

Jun Linyuan sat there in embarrassment.

He would never have been discovered in this state if not for that girl! The vindictive young crown prince found another grudge to hold against Feng Wu.

While Feng Xun was finally able to stop laughing, he had also caught the attention of everyone else.

Yan Yan was the first to react to his laughter. Rushing to his side, she asked, “What was that? What happened? Cousin, what’s so funny? Tell me.”

Feng Xun ignored Yan Yan’s question and snorted at her. “Go back to bed. You’re going back to your mother first thing in the morning. This is not the right place for you!”

Yan Yan didn’t reply, but she had already made up her mind. No matter what happened, she was going back to the imperial capital with these people here!

She had successfully chased Feng Wu away without breaking a sweat, hadn’t she? Hahaha — Yan Yan was so pleased with herself for that achievement.

“There —” Xuan Yi pointed to the northeast and narrowed his eyes.

They saw flames rising over there, lighting up the night sky.

The look on Feng Xun’s face changed. “That’s in the direction of the route back to the imperial capital!”

Xuan Yi nodded.

“And little Feng Wu left in that direction!”

Xuan Yi nodded again.

Without thinking, Feng Xun rushed into Jun Linyuan’s tent and cried out, “Boss Jun! Help!”

Jun Linyuan’s face was as unruffled as an old well. He darted a haughty look at Feng Xun.

“It’s little Feng Wu!”

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