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Chapter 277 - Feng Wu Was Out? Just Like That?

Chapter 277: Feng Wu Was Out? Just Like That?

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“Boss Jun… How about I go ahead and scout out the area in advance for you guys?” Feng Xun couldn’t bring himself to see Feng Wu leave like that.

Jun Linyuan recalled what he had heard under the lake.

Feng Xun had asked Xuan Yi whether or not he should court Feng Wu… Had Feng Xun fallen in love with Feng Wu? What was there to like about that girl? She was so arrogant and irascible!

Jun Linyuan gave Feng Xun an emotionless glance. “You’re not going!”

Feng Xun scratched his head. “But they’re such a weak bunch. Boss Jun, aren’t you worried?”

All eyes were on Jun Linyuan and the looks on Yan Yan’s and Feng Liu’s faces seemed especially expectant.

Straight-faced and looking vexed, Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Xun, his gaze piercing and fierce!

“Gosh, what sort of lousy question was that —” Feng Xun thought himself silly. “I’m expecting Boss Jun to have the same emotions as normal human beings, and that’s just impossible. You wouldn’t have forced them to leave if you were worried about them.”

Forced them to leave?

Jun Linyuan was displeased. That arrogant girl left on her own! He forced no one!

He went back to his own tent, looking very grumpy.

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi exchanged looks and both sighed.

They knew Boss Jun too well. Once the guy had made up his mind, he wouldn’t change it for anything.

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi went back to their tent, crestfallen, and sat there in silence.

Meanwhile, Yan Yan and Feng Liu exchanged looks in excitement!

“Feng Wu is out? Just like that? That was much easier than I thought!” Feng Liu couldn’t control the excitement in her voice.

Yan Yan smirked. “She made it look as if she was so close to my cousin, and she fooled me… Heh, if that really was the case, could we have taken this tent so easily? The fact that we’re in the tent now is proof enough that Feng Wu means nothing to them!”

Feng Liu’s eyes were filled with hatred. “I hope they all get eaten up by magical beasts in the forest!”

It was deep into the night and all was quiet.

Some were cultivating, some were sound asleep, and some were suffering from pain.

Feng Liu was covered in bloody cuts and bruises after the whipping, and even the slightest move would make her suck in her breath in pain… Her temperature began to rise and she became delirious.

Yan Yan went to fetch Feng Yiran in a hurry.

Feng Yiran wasn’t in much better shape himself. His right hand had yet to recover from Feng Wu’s poison and it was still numb and swollen. He was constantly drawing his breath in from the pain.

“Feng Liu has a fever?” Feng Yiran looked annoyed. “I’ll go have a look.”


Feng Wu was leading her family into the forest.

Without saying anything, she had her own plan. The whole family was counting on her and she was anything but careless.

Less than 50 km into the forest, Feng Wu found a great spot to make camp.

It was a smooth slope which faced away from the wind and was also unlikely to be attacked by magical beasts.

The place was neither too far away nor too close to a river, which was convenient for fetching water and which wouldn’t be affected if the water level rose.

It was a place with plenty of water, lush grass, and fresh air, which cheered everyone up immediately.

They had been traveling gingerly since they left the campsite and the atmosphere was rather tense.

The beautiful lady eyed Feng Wu like a puppy dog, looking uneasy.

Feng Wu had been cultivating with her eyes closed the whole time. She only jumped out of the carriage to help with setting up camp once they got there.

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