Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 276 - I Don’t Want It!

Chapter 276: I Don’t Want It!

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Their eyes met and it felt as if streaks of lightning were crackling in the air, sending sparks flying; the two of them looked like they were ready to cut each other’s throats!

Everyone else watched in consternation… Where exactly did all these grudges come from?

Jun Linyuan frowned. She just wouldn’t beg him, would she? He had never been disrespected before in his life, and it felt so humiliating!

The look on Feng Wu’s face was equally grim!

She could still hear Jun Linyuan’s words in her head.

“Feng Wu, you’re way out of line!

“I won’t stop you from falling in love with me, but please restrain yourself and don’t interfere in my life!”

Feng Wu took a deep breath. Her cheeks burned and the humiliated feeling was coming back!

She felt so offended!

It was so frustrating!

And humiliating!

Jun Linyuan was still waiting arrogantly for Feng Wu to beg. He was offering her a way out and all he needed were the right words. However —

Feng Wu smirked. “If Miss Yan likes this tent so much, she can have it.”

That successfully surprised everyone!

That wasn’t what they had expected!

Shouldn’t Feng Wu be asking for the crown prince’s help as well?

Feng Xun was baffled and said right away, “No! Feng Wu, what are you thinking? Where will your family go in the middle of the night if you give the only tent left to that lot?”

That lot? She was “that lot” to her cousin, while Feng Wu was his own lot?! Glaring at Feng Xun, Yan Yan wanted to bite the man on his arm!

Feng Xun couldn’t care less about Yan Yan’s injury. Staring at Feng Wu, he said loudly, “No! I won’t allow it!”

Jun Linyuan was equally shocked by Feng Wu’s unexpected move. A grim look flickered in his brooding eyes.

Feng Wu smirked. “Why not? I don’t want it and that’s that.”

“Where are you going to stay tonight, then? You can stand the rough weather, but what about your mother? She’s so fragile!” Feng Xun snapped.

Holding Feng Wu’s hand, the lady glowered at Feng Xun. She didn’t utter a word, but the look on her face said enough.

She would go wherever Feng Wu went.

Taking her mother’s slender hand, Feng Wu smiled. “We’re leaving now and we’ll travel through the night.”

She then turned around and gave Uncle Qiu a look.

Feng Wu’s family might not be the most competent when it came to fighting, but they were the most united lot. Uncle Qiu nodded immediately. “Miss Wu, everything is ready. We can leave at any moment.”

Feng Wu nodded. “We’re leaving now.”

Feng Wu helped her mother into the carriage without saying another word to the others.

Jun Linyuan stood there dazed. His cold gaze seemed to bore into Feng Wu’s back like sharp blades!

Exactly how proud could this girl get? She was willing to risk the danger of traveling at night rather than yield to him?

Feng Xun rubbed his hands together anxiously. “We have to stop them. They’re all crippled, weak, injured, or sick, and they’re going deep into the forest in the middle of the night. Has Feng Wu lost her mind?!”

Yan Yan was thrilled to see Feng Wu leave!

She knew it!

The crown prince didn’t like Feng Wu at all!

She mumbled in a feigned casual voice, “… She left voluntarily. It’s not like we chased her away. We’re not to be blamed even if something happens to them…”

Feng Xun threw a dirty look at Yan Yan!

His glare was bone-chillingly cold!

Yan Yan felt as if her heart was being gripped by a giant hand and she was utterly flustered.

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