Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1557 - Seed of Spirit Source (3)

Chapter 1557: Seed of Spirit Source (3)

It was the last day before they arrived at the Senal Grassland…

Maybe it was because of Jun Linyuan’s outburst, or maybe everyone was exhausted by the long journey, but they remained silent the entire time.

Finally, when the sun began to set —

They saw an impressive array of troops up ahead.

It was led by the ambitious leader of the region, the chieftain of the Senal Grassland.

Chieftain Senal was a stalwart, tough-looking man.

Despite the chilly wind, Chieftain Senal only had a piece of hide thrown over one shoulder, while his right shoulder was left bare. His skin was tanned, and he had well-toned muscles that seemed to be full of vigor.

His two sons stood on either side behind him.

The older prince was a typical mature man of the grassland. He was in his 30s or 40s, with muscular shoulders and an intimidating posture that reminded one of a bear. There was something cold and intimidating in his eyes that befitted a man of his status.

The younger prince was a delicate-looking teenager who was slim, genteel, and fair-skinned, and had a mild smile. He looked like someone brought up in the south rather than here in the grassland.

Seeing Emperor Wu, the chieftain jumped off his horse, walked up to the emperor with a laugh, and saluted Emperor Wu properly as a subject to the throne.

The Senal Grassland had always been a dependent state under the Junwu Empire.

As a vassal state, they would send annual tributes to the Junwu Empire. Of course, they had tried to fight the empire before, but the empire had crushed them each time with their absolute advantage.

Emperor Wu and Chieftain Senal led the convoy.

The older prince looked through the crowd until his gaze landed on Jun Linyuan’s carriage.

Their eyes met.

The capable cultivators had just found their match.

One glance was enough for them to realize that the other was also a powerful warrior, but that was the only communication they had.

Chieftain Senal had marked out the grassland for the hunt and allocated the higher ground on the right to the Junwu Empire convoy.

The higher ground on the right was left for the warriors brought here by the chieftain.

The two sides were separated in such a clear-cut manner.

Lord Mu was in charge of living arrangements, but for some reason, Feng Wu’s tent was right next to Jun Linyuan’s.

They were only two walls apart.

Feng Wu was still feeling amazed at how fast the tents were set up as she watched the others work, when Granny Gong smiled and asked her if she wanted to take a bath in the tent and get some rest. Only then did Feng Wu realize what had happened.

“Why is my tent here?” Feng Wu shook her head. “Granny Gong, don’t you know? I’m not Jun Linyuan’s maid anymore.”

The 18-day trial was over, and Feng Wu didn’t want to stay so close to him anymore.

Granny Gong, who was usually very serious, smiled at Feng Wu. “I know.”

“So, where’s my tent?” Feng Wu looked at her.

Granny Gong smiled. “Here it is. Miss Wu, have you forgotten? His Majesty made you a princess, and you’re supposed to have a tent of your own. You’ve just never been treated properly before.”


“But is a princess important enough to stay next to the crown prince?” Feng Wu looked at Granny Gong.

“Because we strongly recommended that you stay here,” someone said.

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi walked out of a tent behind her.

“You did?” Feng Wu suddenly had a very bad feeling.

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