Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1556 - Seed of Spirit Source (2)

Chapter 1556: Seed of Spirit Source (2)

Everyone around them gave Murong Yanyan strange looks.

It was common knowledge that the crown prince was heartless and unapproachable, but Murong Yanyan wouldn’t accept the reality and just had to try his patience. She finally learned her lesson.

“Miss Murong, sorry about that, but you breached His Royal Highness’s safe zone.” Feng came out at that moment, looking as indifferent as ever.

His Royal Highness’s safe zone?

Everyone stared at Feng and didn’t know what to say.

How long had Feng Wu hung around His Royal Highness? Not only did the crown prince hold her hand, he even carried her around. Why wasn’t Feng Wu kicked away?

Fighting back her tears, Murong Yanyan said in an accusing voice, “But why can Feng Wu be there? Why her?”

Why her? Because she was Feng Wu. Next to them, Granny Gong smirked.

Feng said quietly, “Miss Feng Wu is His Royal Highness’s maid at the moment. That’s why.”

“I can be His Royal Highness’s maid, too! Let me be a maid!” After what happened, Murong Yanyan still wouldn’t acknowledge her mistake.

What an idiot. Did she think that His Royal Highness would take just any random person as his maid? Who did she think she was? Feng Wu? Granny Gong gave Murong Yanyan an indifferent glance.

However, Murong Yanyan knew nothing about it. Right now, she was looking at Feng with a pleading look in her eyes.

Feng gave Murong Yanyan a sympathetic look.

He had lost count of the number of infatuated girls he had seen around the crown prince, but after all these years, Feng Wu was the only girl who was special.

He then glanced at Granny Gong.

Granny Gong immediately got the hint and stepped out.

“Miss Murong, sorry about that.” Granny Gong’s voice was indifferent and aloof. “Please follow me.”

Granny Gong was very well known among the noble ladies in the imperial capital.

Although Murong Yanyan was the daughter of a noble family, she was still intimidated by the authoritative Granny Gong.

Granny Gong then took Murong Yanyan to Mrs Murong.

The lady hadn’t heard about what happened earlier, and she smiled when she saw Granny Gong. “Granny Gong, what…”

However, Granny Gong cut her off before she could say another word.

“My lady, we’re setting out soon, so I’ll be brief.

“Your third daughter is quite reckless, and I’m afraid you’ll have to discipline her more often.

“If your daughter still insists on becoming a maid in the crown prince’s residence even after thorough consideration, it’s possible to make that happen. However, she’ll have to sign an indenture contract to sell herself to us should she decide to do so. My lady, I hope you won’t feel too sad.”

Granny Gong turned to leave without any hesitation after saying those words.

Before Murong Yanyan could say a word, her mother slapped her so hard that she almost cried.

“What on earth was that about?! Murong Yanyan, explain!”

The members of the Murong family weren’t the only ones who were shocked. Even the rest of the crowd…

They all felt conflicted.

They had thought that this trip would be a great opportunity for them to get closer to the crown prince, especially the young ladies…

However, seeing what happened to Murong Yanyan, a lot of people were frightened.

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