Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1558 - Seed of Spirit Source (4)

Chapter 1558: Seed of Spirit Source (4)

“That’s right. Xiao Wu, aren’t we good to you?” Feng Xun grinned at her, as if he was sharing a secret that only the two of them knew.

Feng Wu was speechless. “Exactly how are you good to me?”

Deep down, Feng Wu didn’t want to be so close to Jun Linyuan, especially after what Feng Xun told her the day before.

Feng Xun gave Feng Wu an amused look and rubbed her hair. “Alright, alright. We’re not helping you. We’re not doing anything at all. Happy?”

He then murmured, “You’re so ungrateful. Under normal circumstances, no matter if you’re the daughter of the Feng family or a princess, you’d be given a tent in a remote corner, which is nothing compared with this spot.”

Feng Wu grunted. “I’d rather stay in a remote corner.”

Feng Xun jabbed her head with a finger. “You’re such a silly girl.”

Feng Wu looked perplexed.

Feng Xun rolled his eyes at her. “Do you really think that the winter hunt is only about hunting?”

Feng Wu looked perplexed.

Feng Xun smiled in resignation. “You’ve been with Boss Jun all this time. Haven’t you heard anything?”

Feng Wu looked perplexed.

Feng Xun sighed. “Haven’t you noticed that more and more people are gathering around Boss Jun?”

Feng Wu said, “People have always tried to gather around Jun Linyuan. That’s never changed.”

Feng Xun said, “So, you know that.”

Feng Wu said, “I’m not blind.”

Feng Xun said, “If you know that, why are you trying to stay so far away from Boss Jun?”

Feng Wu said, “Because I want to. Hmph!”

Feng Xun patted her head. “You’re so willful, but this isn’t the time to be like that. Got it?”

Feng Wu asked, “Why?”

Feng Xun said, “Don’t you find it odd? Autumn is supposed to be the best season for a hunt, but why does His Majesty insist on coming here in the middle of winter?”

Feng Wu said, “That’s right. Why is that?”

Feng Xun said, “Of course there’s a reason for it. Take a wild guess.”

An idea struck Feng Wu, and she pointed at the ground. “Is it because there’s something underground?”

Feng Xun raised his eyebrows. “You’re indeed my smart sister. You guessed it; we come here every winter and camp on this spot every single time.”

Feng Xun’s face lit up. “Guess what? This is where the first chieftain of the grassland became a deity.”

Feng Wu said, “Really?”

Feng Xun said, “On 12 December every year, something marvelous known as the recovery of spiritual essence takes place on this plateau known as the land of the spirit source. We call it the Marvel of the Double 12.”

Feng Wu looked perplexed.

Feng Xun said, “A seed of the spirit source is created by this phenomenon. Do you know what happens if one gets that seed?”

Feng Wu asked in amazement, “What happens?”

Feng Xun said, “It contains the faith of the entire population of the grassland for a whole year, so the person who obtains it will be able to absorb all that power!”

Feng Xun grew excited as he spoke. “Do you know what happens when one absorbs the power of all that faith?”

Feng Wu asked, “What?”

Feng Xun clenched his fists in excitement. “That person will completely transform. Their strength will improve, they’ll have successive breakthroughs, and they may obtain new element attributes…”

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