Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 149 - : I Can’t Cultivate? Says Who?

Chapter 149: I Can’t Cultivate? Says Who?

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Feng Wu gave Old Man Ba a half-smile. “Tell me this: who was the person that welcomed Jun Linyuan into the refinery and tried to introduce me to them? You wouldn’t let them leave before that happened!”

” Cough, cough — ” Old Man Ba almost choked on his own spit. He waved his hands in a flurry. “Fine, forget what I asked. Young lady, you just always have to win, don’t you? Now, what do you want from me this time?”

“I’m going to the imperial capital. We’re leaving in an hour,” said Feng Wu earnestly.

“Why the rush?” Old Man Ba asked. “What happened? Is someone threatening you? Tell me. I’ll take care of it for you.”

“Yes. Jun Linyuan.” Feng Wu snorted.

” Cough, cough — ” Old Man Ba almost choked on his own spit again.

Had it been anyone else, his status might be enough to back Feng Wu up. But this was Jun Linyuan…

“Did he find out what you did?”

Feng Wu said grumpily, “Do you think I’d be sitting here in one piece if he had? He discovered Xiaoqi’s Ultimate Spiritual Body and took my brother back to the imperial capital to use his blood to save someone. I’m worried that they’ll mess things up and somehow hurt Xiaoqi’s Ultimate Spiritual Body, which will be a very big problem. So, I’ll be away from Northern Border City for some time, and I’ll leave everything here in your hands.”

Old Man Ba nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it. Wait here a moment.”

After that, Old Man Ba went inside in a hurry, and before long, he came back and handed Feng Wu two letters.

“‘For Ba Jianming’s eyes only’?” Feng Wu checked the first envelope. “Is this your son?”

“My grandson.”

Feng Wu darted a look at Old Man Ba with a half-smile and said teasingly, “You don’t like your son very much, do you?”

Old Man Ba glowered at Feng Wu. “How did you figure that out?”

“It’s all in the name. Ba Jianming, that sounds like ‘Ba Jianmin’ —’to have a wastrel for a father.’ You called your son a wastrel, didn’t you?”

Old Man Ba was speechless. If Feng Wu hadn’t pointed it out, he would never have known how lousy the name he had given his grandson was!

The corner of his mouth twitched a little and he waved his hands. “Jianming is… well, he’s angry with me because of his father. The last time I heard from him, he was in Wanping Town, which is on your way to the imperial capital. I’d like you to take something to him for me.”

Feng Wu nodded, then examined the second envelope. “Yan Shien? The principal of Imperial College?”

Old Man Ba nodded. “We go a long way back. Take this letter to him. Remember, give it to him in person.”

Feng Wu asked tentatively, “Must I give it to him myself?”

“Of course. You have to deliver it, not anyone else. Understand?” Old Man Ba stressed.

Feng Wu nodded. “Old man, you’re not asking your friend, the principal, to keep an eye on me, are you?”

That was spot on. Old Man Ba cast a stern look at Feng Wu, then said in a haughty tone, “Little one, you think too highly of yourself. Do I look like that kind of person to you?”

“But you are,” said Feng Wu matter-of-factly.

Old Man Ba darted another look at Feng Wu and mumbled, “What a pity that you can never cultivate again. Otherwise, I would ask Old Yan to teach you himself. Such a pity…”

Feng Wu couldn’t bring herself to lie to Old Man Ba. Putting away the Concealing Jade, Feng Wu grinned. “I can’t cultivate? Says who?”

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