Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 148 - You’re the One Feng Xun Made Such A Fuss About

Chapter 148: You’re the One Feng Xun Made Such A Fuss About

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Qiuling’s face was covered in sweat and she looked panic-stricken.

Sitting down on the bed, Feng Wu patted her gently on the shoulder. “Qiuling, wake up.”

“Miss Wu!” Qiuling cried out and bolted up from the bed, her eyes still closed.

“Bad dream?” Feng Wu asked guiltily.

Qiuling opened her eyes at Feng Wu’s voice and was shocked when she saw the latter. She sat there in a trance-like state!

“Am I still dreaming? It seems like I saw my mistress come back…” Tears welled up in Qiuling’s eyes as she spoke.

Feng Wu chortled. “Silly girl. You’re not in a dream. Your mistress is really back.”

“Miss Wu?! Miss Wu, is that really you? You’re not dead? You’re back?! Sob — ” Overwhelmed with dread, distress, and anxiety, Qiuling threw herself into Feng Wu’s arms, tears rolling down her cheeks. “Sob — Miss Wu, I saw that eagle take you and I thought I would never see you again —”

Qiuling had always been a steady girl, and Feng Wu never expected to one day see her cry like this, which made her feel all the more guilty. She then briefly told Qiuling about what had happened in the past few days.

“Oh my god!” Covering her mouth with both hands, Qiuling’s eyes popped out. “Miss, y- you… you stole that Immortal Spiritual Fruit from the crown prince after that eagle snatched you?!”

Feng Wu nodded. “Yup.”

“And you’ve refined the Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill with that fruit and you can resume your cultivation?!”

Feng Wu nodded again. “Yup.”

“Oh god, oh god, oh god! There is divine justice after all! Sob — ” Burying her face in her palms, Qiuling wept with joy. Tears rolled down her cheeks like broken beads. “This is great. This is the greatest news…”

Qiuling had served Feng Wu since they were little; she had been there when Feng Wu grew into a genius girl as well as when Feng Wu was crippled and fell out of favor. On hearing the news that Feng Wu was able to cultivate again, Qiuling was so excited that she almost jumped to her feet!

Feng Wu enjoined in a serious tone, “Feng Xun and his people have no idea that I was the ugly girl. You were there with me in Yunlai Tower, so make sure you don’t give the game away.”

“I won’t!” Qiuling made a fist!

“Go pack our stuff. We’re leaving for the imperial capital in less than two hours.” Feng Wu heaved a sigh.

Going to the imperial capital now wasn’t ideal for Feng Wu. Her plan was to achieve some significant gains in her cultivation here in Northern Border City before going to the imperial capital. However, now that her little brother had been taken, Feng Wu had no choice but to follow.

In the last bit of time she had left, Feng Wu went to see Old Man Ba.

Old Man Ba welcomed Feng Wu with his intense gaze. He looked Feng Wu up and down, eager for some gossip.

Feng Wu sat down in a familiar manner, poured some tea for herself, and casually sipped it, completely unaffected by the old man’s probing gaze.

In the end, Old Man Ba was the first to give in. Leaning toward Feng Wu, he said, “Hey, little one.”

“What?” Feng Wu said grumpily.

“You’re the person Feng Xun made such a fuss about, aren’t you?”

Feng Wu was baffled. “Master Ba, aren’t you supposed to be a medicine maniac? I didn’t know you were interested in such worldly affairs.”

Old Man Ba gave Feng Wu a sidelong glance and said haughtily, “I’m only asking because you’re involved. I wouldn’t give a damn if it was anyone else.”

Old people indeed behaved like kids.

Feng Wu shook her head. “I’m not the one.”

“Tch.” Old Man Ba didn’t buy it. “Liar. You were the one in my refinery and only you knew about that passageway. Who else could it be?”

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