Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 147 - A Few Drops of Blood Is All Your Brother Will Lose Every Day

Chapter 147: A Few Drops of Blood Is All Your Brother Will Lose Every Day

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Feng Wu was speechless. So what if that girl was the only one Jun Linyuan treated with gentleness? She, jealous? Don’t make her laugh!

“Hahaha! Right, I almost forgot to tell you something. We were very lucky yesterday, because your brother accidentally cut his finger and Boss Jun saw right away that your brother was someone with an Ultimate Spiritual Body! Do you know what that means?! It means that your brother is the key to saving that girl!”

On guard, Feng Wu narrowed her eyes.

The Ultimate Spiritual Body was a very rare and very precious quality, so much so that on the entire continent, only a handful of people had it.

Such a quality enabled one to cultivate automatically as long as there was spiritual essence around, which was why it made others so envious.

Feng Xiaoqi had started off as someone with a semi-Ultimate Spiritual Body; it was exceptional, but not amazingly so.

Despite all the rumors which might arise, or what others would think of her, Feng Wu delayed Feng Xiaoqi’s cultivation for five years.

With her matchless medical skills, Feng Wu had been nourishing Feng Xiaoqi continuously for the past five years. Finally, she turned his semi-Ultimate Spiritual Body into a real one! And what was Jun Linyuan going to do to Feng Xiaoqi now? He was going to cut the boy open for his blood! If they somehow destroyed Feng Xiaoqi’s gifts, Feng Wu swore that she would kill them all!

Other people said that because Feng Wu was useless, she was so jealous of Feng Xiaoqi that she had stopped him from cultivating in order to make him as useless as she was. But in fact, no one knew how much Feng Wu had invested in her brother.

“Since you were sleeping, we didn’t want to wake you up. We took your brother with us back to the imperial capital.”

Feng Wu smirked. They didn’t want to wake her up? They had decided to act first and report afterward because they knew she wouldn’t allow it!

As a matter of fact, Feng Wu had guessed part of the truth. Feng Xun indeed found Feng Wu a little intimidating.

“Don’t worry. A few drops of blood is all your brother will lose every day. He’ll live. Plus, Boss Jun will owe him a very big favor. That’ll be such a great honor for you all. Aren’t you glad for your brother? Hahaha —”

Enough with the “hahas” already! If Feng Xun was here, Feng Wu would so smash an iron pan on his head!

A few drops of blood every day? What kind of charlatan had come up with such a lousy idea? Feng Wu felt like punching someone!

“Xiao Wu…” Her beautiful mother was eyeing her earnestly.

Feng Wu said to Granny Zhao by her mother’s side, “Please pack my mum’s things. We’re leaving for the imperial capital ASAP.”

Granny Zhao nodded.

“Wait, where’s Qiuling?” It finally occurred to Feng Wu that she hadn’t seen her chambermaid Qiuling anywhere.

Ever since Frozen Forest, Feng Wu’s mind had been all over the place. She had devoted all her energy toward evading Feng Xun and the others that she had forgotten about Qiuling.

Granny Zhao said, “Miss Feng Liu locked Qiuling up in the woodshed and wouldn’t let us give Qiuling any food. She said she’d starve Qiuling for three days…”

Feng Wu glared at her. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Granny Zhao gave her a bitter smile. “Miss, you’ve been so busy these days that I never got around to tell you. Plus, with His Royal Highness here… Rest assured, Miss. I’ve been sneaking food in to Qiuling. She wouldn’t have starved.”

Feng Wu knew that Granny Zhao had kept it from her for her own good; the old maid didn’t want Feng Wu to start another row with Feng Liu over Qiuling again.

“I’ll get her out.” Feng Wu went to the woodshed in a hurry.

Qiuling was fast asleep when Feng Wu entered. She heaved a sigh when she saw that there wasn’t a scratch on Qiuling’s face and that she didn’t look emaciated.

Moonlight poured in like water through the window. She could make out Qiuling’s face, which still looked troubled in sleep.

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