Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 150 - I Got Struck by Thunder, I Suppose?

Chapter 150: I Got Struck by Thunder, I Suppose?

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“Wait a minute!” Old Man Ba’s eyes lit up and he cried out in surprise. “Level 3 Spiritual Master? When did you achieve that? A Level 3 Spiritual Master ranks at the bottom of all cultivators, but it’s still proof that you can cultivate now!”

Feng Wu nodded with a smile. “Yes, at least I can cultivate now.”

“That’s great!” Old Man Ba was over the moon. “Surprise us with your first success, won’t you? A lot of people are waiting to laugh at you. I bet they don’t know you can cultivate yet!”

Feng Wu put the Concealing Jade back on and smiled. “I think I’ll keep it from them for the time being.”

“That’s very wise of you. After all, you’re still quite weak and you don’t have an advanced cultivator to protect you. You must be extra careful from now on. What do you think they’ll do to you if they find out that you can cultivate again?” Old Man Ba said anxiously. “Luckily, you have my letter for Old Yan. Go to him and ask for his protection as soon as you get to the imperial capital. He won’t cast you aside. As for your Feng clan… well, I won’t expect anything from them if I were you. Count yourself lucky if they don’t dupe you, let alone protect you.”

Feng Wu took Old Man Ba’s words to heart.

The principal of Imperial College held a very prestigious status in the Junwu Empire. Feng Wu had only met the man once even when she had still been the genius girl.

“Grandpa Ba…” Feng Wu began to speak. She knew that the old man had found her a very powerful patron.

Old Man Ba found sentimental moments like these very icky. Waving his hand, he said impatiently, “I would never have bothered to do such a thing for you if it wasn’t for Jun Linyuan’s pursuit. Make sure no one finds out. You’re dead if Jun Linyuan discovers that you did it. Understand?”

“Yes, of course. I will.” Feng Wu nodded right away.

She had thought about leaving things to chance and didn’t think it would be a big deal if Jun Linyuan found out what she had done.

But she had stopped thinking that way after Feng Xun told her that Jun Linyuan had traveled all the way out here to find the medicine to save the girl he cared the most for in this world…

If Jun Linyuan found out that Feng Wu was the thief who had stolen his Immortal Spiritual Fruit, she would lose a lot more than a few drops of blood – the guy would probably simply carve her heart out. Feng Wu shuddered at the thought.

Old Man Ba came back to his senses at that moment and looked suspiciously at Feng Wu. “Speaking of which, little one, why is it that you can cultivate again?”

Feng Wu was quick to react and came up with a ready answer. “I have no idea. Maybe it was because of that thunderbolt yesterday. I was struck, then got my abilities back.”

Old Man Ba rolled his eyes at her. “You’re lying your ass off, little thing. I can tell right away that it was because of that Immortal Spiritual Fruit…”

“Why did you even ask, then?” Feng Wu glowered at Old Man Ba.

The old man had guessed it all along. He had only asked to make sure that Feng Wu already had an excuse ready, so that Jun Linyuan wouldn’t catch her off guard.

Even with everything Old Man Ba had gone through, he still found Jun Linyuan very intimidating.

“Alright, I’m off. They’re all waiting for me.” Feng Wu waved her right hand as she spoke.

Old Man Ba shook his head grumpily. What a naughty kid.

However, as Feng Wu walked away, Old Man Ba suddenly burst into laughter. With the girl in the imperial capital, the city wouldn’t stay quiet for much longer.

Feng Wu got back to the Feng manor just in time.

Feng Liu was yelling at the servants when Feng Wu arrived. Seeing her cousin, Feng Liu snorted. “Hurry up. Everyone is ready and we’re all waiting for you! You’ll have to answer to me if we can’t catch up with His Royal Highness!”

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