Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 144 - How to Save My Master?

Chapter 144: How to Save My Master?

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The bird flew around Feng Wu while staring at her in a proud and vexed manner. It then snorted and rested on her master’s shoulder again, turning its back on Feng Wu.

“Little Phoenix, are you not going to talk to me anymore?”

Because the bird was a shared secret between Feng Wu and her master, Feng Wu was very glad to see it again.

“Master died because of you! I’m not talking to you!” Resting its wings on its waist, Little Phoenix glared at Feng Wu!

Those words were like a sharp blade stabbing into Feng Wu’s heart. It was almost too painful for her to breathe. She lowered her gaze and trembled from head to toe.

Feng Wu clenched her fists and looked at Little Phoenix earnestly with her bright, black eyes. “Indeed, my master fell into a coma because of me, but I swear that I’ll wake him up!”

“You can’t possibly do that!” Little Phoenix glowered at Feng Wu. “Do you have any idea how difficult that is? First of all, you’ll have to —”

Feng Wu stared at Little Phoenix, waiting for it to finish what it was going to say. However, Little Phoenix waved its wings impatiently. “Forget it. What’s the point? You’ll never be able to do it.”

“So, you know how to wake my master up, don’t you? You know! Who told you? My master? I don’t care where you learned it, just tell me!” Rushing to its side, Feng Wu picked Little Phoenix up with both hands and raised it over her head!

With a stern look on its face, Little Phoenix said, “What level are you now?”

Feng Wu said happily, “I’m a Level 3 Spiritual Master already!”

Little Phoenix rolled its eyes. “You make it sound like a Level 3 Spiritual Master is something to brag about. With your petty cultivation level, I might as well be signing your death warrant if I tell you now. Although I don’t like you anymore, Master will tell me off if you’re dead!”

“I won’t do anything reckless,” Feng Wu promised, raising both hands in the air.

“Heh.” Little Phoenix didn’t buy it.

Feng Wu knew that despite its childish-sounding tone, the bird was very stubborn. If it chose to, it could make sure to never say a word, no matter how Feng Wu cajoled and threatened.

At that thought, Feng Wu had no choice but to ask, “So, what level do I have to reach before you can tell me?”

Little Phoenix said without hesitation. “Spiritual Elder.”

Feng Wu cried out, “Make it Spiritual Grandmaster! I’m only a Level 3 Spiritual Master now, and I’ll have to reach Level 9 before I can break through to the Spiritual Grandmaster stage. It’ll be really tough.”

Little Phoenix snorted haughtily. “So be it. Spiritual Grandmaster, then.”

Feng Wu said, “It’s a deal. You’ll tell me how to save my master when I become a Spiritual Grandmaster. There’s no going back on your word!”

Little Phoenix cast a disgruntled look at Feng Wu. “You’re getting struck by a thunderbolt even as we speak. Are you sure you still want to hang around here?”

A thunderbolt? What the heck?

Feng Wu was ready to leave when Little Phoenix reminded her arrogantly, “Don’t forget to bring your Concealing Jade.”

She then recalled her old habit. In order to keep her cultivation level a secret, she would usually walk around with the Concealing Jade her master gave her, so that she could pose as a weakling and trick her opponents who let their guard down. Many fell for it.

Feng Wu darted an appreciative look at Little Phoenix. Despite its reluctance to talk to her, the bird did care about her after all.

After confirming it repeatedly with Little Phoenix, Feng Wu left the ring and went back to her own body.

Her bright, clear eyes snapped open.

Feng Wu immediately realized that something wasn’t right.

What happened?

She was surrounded by darkness and couldn’t even make out her own fingers.

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