Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 145 - I’m Not Going to the Imperial Capital!

Chapter 145: I’m Not Going to the Imperial Capital!

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She was covered in layer upon layer of debris, which was packed tightly around her without letting any light in. It felt as if she had been buried alive.

Meanwhile, she could hear her beautiful mother’s anxious wails. “Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu, are you alright?”

Feng Liu held onto the beautiful lady and feigned a caring tone. “Auntie, things like this happen. The thunderbolt came out of the blue and of all the rooms, it just happened to hit Feng Wu’s. It collapsed right away. Even if the thunderbolt didn’t kill her, the bricks would surely have crushed her to death. Crying won’t change anything.”

She might be trying to console Feng Wu’s mother, if she could hide the satisfaction in her tone.

Frightened, the beautiful lady burst into tears. With a sudden burst of energy, she shoved Feng Liu to the side and stumbled toward the pile of ruins. She tripped halfway there, but she immediately scrambled to her feet and went on running.

Feng Wu couldn’t bring herself to see her mother in such a distraught state. She rose to her feet right away.

Crumble —

Broken bricks and tiles rolled down the pile as she stood up.

Everyone turned their eyes in her direction at the noise!

Their eyes widened as they saw a figure walk out of the debris.

Her face was stunning.

Her expression was undisturbed.

The look in her eyes was as calm as ever.

“Xiao Wu —” The beautiful lady was worried sick. Holding onto Feng Wu with her slender fingers, she couldn’t stop trembling. “Xiao Wu, what are we going to do? Your room was destroyed by lightning…”

“Mum, I’m fine.” Feng Wu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Seeing that her mother’s face was smudged with dirt, she gently wiped her face clean.

After rubbing the beautiful lady’s shoulders softly to calm her down, Feng Wu turned her gaze on Feng Liu.

Feng Liu’s stomach lurched when their eyes met!

What was going on?

Why did she feel that Feng Wu’s stare was even more piercing and intimidating than usual?!

When Feng Wu turned her dark eyes her way, Feng Liu felt as if a cold, sharp blade had stabbed her in the heart.

“Why are you still standing? Why aren’t you dead?!” Feng Liu couldn’t understand why this had happened. Wasn’t Feng Wu useless? How come there wasn’t a scratch on her after being hit by a thunderbolt first, followed by a house collapsing on top of her? That didn’t make sense!

Crossing her arms in front of her, Feng Wu gave Feng Liu a half-smile. “My dear cousin, it sounds to me that you wished I was dead.”

Feng Liu blanched. Before she could say another word, Feng Yiran came in with a frown and said impatiently, “Are you done packing? We’re leaving in two hours.”

“Leaving? Where to?” Feng Wu narrowed her eyes and stared at Feng Yiran.

Feng Yiran also recognized the change in Feng Wu’s gaze. However, he was too concerned with their departure to ponder it. He replied in a cold voice, “To the imperial capital, of course!”

“Who’s going?” Feng Wu squinted at him.

Feng Liu gloated. “What’s going on with you tonight? Don’t you know that the crown prince has left?”

“Jun Linyuan and the others are gone?” Feng Wu still hadn’t figured out what excuse to give those people and was greatly relieved to hear the news.

“That’s right. They left before daybreak, and His Royal Highness took the time to talk to me before he left. Why, didn’t he say anything to you?”

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