Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 143 - Her Beautiful Master…

Chapter 143: Her Beautiful Master…

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Rumble —

Feng Wu’s tiny dantian expanded again. Needless to say, Feng Wu was a Level 3 Spiritual Master now!

The Spiritual Master stage consisted of nine levels in total, and at her current rate of progress… Feng Wu smiled at that thought.

Breathing out a stream of turbid energy through her nose, Feng Wu slowly opened her eyes.

Starting from zero, she had reached Level 3 all at once, which made quite a lot of noise. Jun Linyuan and the others were right next door and had to have noticed something.

She had to make up some very good excuse to explain herself now. However, at the thought of Jun Linyuan’s knowing eyes, Feng Wu was at a loss over what to say.

She could only hope that they wouldn’t make the connection between her and the ugly girl.

Wait. Now that she had made some progress, would her master wake up?

As soon as she opened her eyes, she shifted a little and entered her ring in her spiritual form.

She hurried close and looked at her beautiful master expectantly!

Would he wake up now that she had resumed her cultivation?

In the spacious room, her immortal-like beautiful master lay there with his wide white sleeves, which reminded her of clouds in the sky, hanging down from the bed.

On that god-like face which was as smooth as jade, his black eyes remained closed. His mouth didn’t betray any emotion, which gave him a detached and lofty look.

He was as stunning, handsome, and matchless as ever… but he remained asleep.

She felt so defeated…

Before she knew it, Feng Wu had pressed her hand to her chest. Her face drained of all color at the throbbing pain in her heart, and she almost collapsed.


Feng Wu went down on one knee and touched her beautiful master’s impeccable face with slim, trembling fingers.

His skin was ice cold under her fingertips.

Feng Wu took a deep breath, but still couldn’t fight back the tears that welled up in her eyes.

Seeing her master’s lifeless face and realizing that he might never wake up from this coma, Feng Wu shut her eyes.

She was overwhelmed with remorse, self-accusations, and fond memories… A tumult of emotions washed over her like a tidal wave and the pain was almost too much for her to handle.

“Master… don’t shut me out like this. I’m your Little Wu —” Tears rolled down Feng Wu’s cheeks, then fell on her master’s robe.

Suddenly, she heard a rustle.

It startled the grief-stricken Feng Wu. Her eyes widened as she stared at her master’s shoulder.

A colorful phoenix stuck its head out!

“Little Phoenix!” Feng Wu cried out in surprise, her fingers trembling!

Little Phoenix!

Feng Wu had no idea where her master had found the bird.

She could still remember the warm, impeccable smile on her master’s face as he looked at her affectionately. “This little phoenix is a descendant of the divine bird of ancient times and is the only one of its kind on this continent. Shall I make it your mount one day?”

An ancient divine bird? That sounded awesome. Little Feng Wu nodded earnestly in reply.

Hence, her master began to raise the colorful phoenix, tailoring it to Feng Wu’s needs. In less than a year, the dull, lacklustre little bird grew seven beautiful tail feathers, and the ugly duckling turned into a pretty phoenix, not to mention improved so much in capability that it surpassed Feng Wu, which had been quite a hard blow to her.

However, when her beautiful master went into a coma when Feng Wu was eight, the phoenix disappeared with him. Feng Wu had thought that the bird had left, but she now realized that it had gone into a coma together with her master.

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