Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 142 - Cultivation, Here We Go!

Chapter 142: Cultivation, Here We Go!

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She could live with the fact that she had to keep an eye on Feng Xun and his people, but even Granny Zhao was somehow giving her a hard time now… Were there no decent people left in this world?

Fearing that Granny Zhao would create more trouble, Feng Wu changed the subject right away. “By the way, where’s Mum? I haven’t seen her.”

“Miss Wu, have you forgotten? Madam needs to sleep for two hours every afternoon,” Granny Zhao said with a smile. “Since Miss wants to wash the clothes yourself, I’ll leave you in peace.”

“Granny Zhao, please don’t let me keep you —”

Feng Wu backed out of the courtyard, still holding her dress. She then darted off.

Tilting his head, Feng Xun watched her suspiciously from behind. Somehow, he found Feng Wu’s behavior today very strange, but couldn’t put his finger on it.

Feng Wu went back to her room, slamming the door shut behind her. Only then did she look at the clothes in her hand and heave a sigh of relief…

After taking a few deep breaths, Feng Wu sat down on the bed, crossing her legs and resting her palms on her knees. Her face remained impassive.

Once she had cleared her mind of all unnecessary thoughts, she closed her clear, bright eyes.

Feng Wu turned her sight inward and inspected her dantian.

She saw a place of desolation that reminded her of a dry, cracked land.

Using the spiritual essence of the Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill, Feng Wu nourished the parched land. The cracks closed up as she worked her way through it…

Time passed.

Feng Wu was so absorbed in the process that she forgot all about the world outside.

Her dantian was repaired in no time, but Feng Wu realized that spiritual essence was still rushing into her body. There was no better time than now to restart her cultivation.

Right now, energy stirred in Feng Wu’s mended dantian like a rippling pond.

Formidable fire spiritual energy poured into Feng Wu and kept burning that water.

Water and fire were naturally incompatible.

But because spiritual essence was working as an intermediary here, the fire spiritual energy heated up her dantian, gradually creating a golden liquid.

Feng Wu’s dantian was like a fine porcelain bottle now.

It was tiny, as thin as a pinky.

Drip, drip —

The golden liquid drizzled down so clearly that Feng Wu could hear the sound.

Because of the size of her dantian, it was soon filled to the brim, and the golden liquid spilled over.

Just then, there was a rumble.

Her pinky-sized dantian shook violently.

The golden liquid turned into a stream which flowed through all the energy channels in Feng Wu’s body like a soaring dragon.

When it reached the Divine Blood of the Phoenix resting between her eyebrows, the golden liquid instantly looked much purer!

The stream grew shorter as it flowed through her body. On the other hand, Feng Wu’s internal energy channels began to glow with a faint golden light.

The golden liquid vanished after completing its circuit, for it had been absorbed by Feng Wu’s body.

Her pinky-sized dantian had grown a little bigger.

Feng Wu smiled a little.

As expected, she wasn’t a mere Level 1 Spiritual Master.

While her dantian was still undergoing its transformation, Feng Wu had realized that she had already become a Level 2 Spiritual Master.

However, the fire spiritual energy was still creating golden liquid in that pool in her dantian. That was to say, Feng Wu might advance beyond a Level 2 Spiritual Master at this point in time.

The golden liquid kept gathering in her dantian, which filled up and rose up. With Feng Wu’s refinement, another golden dragon was formed, which flowed through her energy channels again.

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