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Chapter 136 - Stop Laughing!

Chapter 136: Stop Laughing!

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There had been nothing remotely affectionate in Jun Linyuan’s grim, haughty eyes.

Hence, his conclusion was that not only didn’t Jun Linyuan like Feng Wu, he actually found her repulsive!

Feng Yiran heaved a sigh of relief and quickly headed for the west gate.

Yu Mingye was the only one left. He was about to set out for the north gate when Feng Xun stopped him. “Halt! I’m taking that road!”

Glaring at Feng Xun, Yu Mingye said, “Which way should I go, then?”

Feng Xun smirked. “You like that ugly girl, don’t you? How can I be sure that you won’t cut her loose on purpose? So, you’re not taking any gate today.”

After that, Feng Xun quickly left for the north gate, leaving Yu Mingye behind on his own.

Yu Mingye didn’t know what to say.

Meanwhile, Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan were walking together.

The busiest street ran through the eastern part of the city. However, Feng Wu was on edge.

She found her own reaction rather strange as well. She was able to stay level-headed no matter what came her way, but why was she so fidgety around Jun Linyuan?

Jun Linyuan walked in front and Feng Wu stayed half a meter behind him. Both kept their silence and it felt rather awkward.

Feng Wu clenched her fists. She was genuinely concerned.

What should she do if… she suddenly wanted to pass gas? She could fool Feng Xun, but even with her past and present lives put together, she still couldn’t outsmart Jun Linyuan.

All of a sudden, Jun Linyuan stopped.

Feng Wu, whose head had been down this whole face and her face screwed up with the effort of figuring out a solution, bumped into Jun Linyuan’s firm, straight back.

Thump —

“Ouch —”

Covering her nose with one hand, Feng Wu glared at Jun Linyuan with a frown as she drew in a breath.

She had no idea that bumping into someone could be that painful. She felt as if she had smashed her nose into the hardest basalt.

Jun Linyuan turned around to Feng Wu’s face all puckered up and an accusing look in her teary eyes.

That facial expression depended largely on how good-looking the person was.

An accusing look from an ordinary person not only wouldn’t achieve anything, it would also annoy the accused party. However, with Feng Wu’s incredibly beautiful face, when she turned her teary, pitiful, and resentful eyes on a person, she might as well — to use a phrase from her previous life — have set off an atomic bomb.

Even someone as haughty and aloof as Jun Linyuan couldn’t help but ask hesitantly, “Painful?”

Still covering her nose, Feng Wu nodded with teary eyes.

Jun Linyuan’s frown grew bigger and his lips moved. “Useless.”

Feng Wu’s limpid eyes widened immediately and she glared at Jun Linyuan. Pointing at him, she protested, “What kind of person are you? You bumped into me and you’re telling me off?!”

The fuming Feng Wu reminded him of a little quail. Somehow, Jun Linyuan’s perpetual poker face cracked and his lips curled up a little.

“Stop laughing!” Feng Wu was pissed off. She was so aggrieved. Was he laughing at her now?

Jun Linyuan didn’t smile for years on end. But right now, he was smiling — he was actually smiling with his eyes. His already handsome face looked unbelievably stunning.

Feng Wu was dazed. She didn’t know how to react.

If it was solely because of his beautiful face, Feng Wu wouldn’t be that way.

However, what Feng Wu saw on Jun Linyuan’s face was a warm, genial smile, which reminded her of a beam of sunlight shining down on a frozen river… The contrast of the two was simply… indomitable.

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