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Chapter 137 - He Really Didn’t Pick on You?

Chapter 137: He Really Didn’t Pick on You?

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It reminded Feng Wu of a clear blue sky, the dappled shade of trees, and the moment ice cracked on a frozen river —

He had the looks, the intelligence, the disposition, the imposing manner, the capabilities… and the unchallenged status. How could girls not throw themselves at Jun Linyuan like this?

However, that solemn, detached, and unattainable Jun Linyuan who never showed any expression on his face had just smiled? Was her sorry state that funny?!

Once she came back to her senses, Feng Wu was vexed. She threw a dirty look at Jun Linyuan!

However, instead of being offended, Jun Linyuan went on smiling.

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say.

Feng Wu’s head soon cooled down. This wasn’t a good time to provoke Jun Linyuan; what she now needed to do most was find an opportunity to run away from him. She would be doomed if they reached the center of the city.

At that thought, Feng Wu covered her nose and said in a muffled voice, “I’m hurt and I’m going home now. Go find that girl yourself. I’m off. Bye!”

However, Feng Wu only managed to take two steps before someone called her name in the distance. “Why, Feng Wu, here you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

Feng Wu froze on the spot.

It was Yu Mingye… the teenager that wouldn’t leave her alone… Why did he have to be so quick? Feng Wu felt like crying. It seemed that these people would never leave her alone.

Feng Wu ignored him and ran in the other direction. However, Yu Mingye caught her by her braid right away. “Hey, I’m right here. Where do you think you’re going?”

Feng Wu had no choice but to go back with Yu Mingye.

She… was so pissed.

“What happened to your nose?” Yu Mingye frowned when he saw Feng Wu’s teary eyes and crestfallen expression.

Feng Wu replied with a long sigh. She then asked in resignation, “Aren’t you supposed to be headed to the north gate? Why are you here? His Royal Highness and I have this direction covered.”

Yu Mingye glared at Feng Wu with his pretty eyes and jabbed a finger in her forehead. “You heartless thing. I’m here because I was worried that Jun Linyuan might take advantage of you. Don’t you know what a guy is capable of when he’s alone with a girl? How can someone as pretty as you have zero sense of self-protection?”

Feng Wu stared at Yu Mingye, speechless. She had the impulse to cover his mouth and stop him from talking altogether.

Yu Mingye looked Feng Wu in the eye and his own eyes suddenly widened. “What happened? You’ve been crying, haven’t you? Did Jun Linyuan really do something to you?! I knew it! He was up to something when he dragged you away —”

He began to roll up his sleeves as he spoke.

Feng Wu was mortified and she stopped Yu Mingye right away. “Stop it. Don’t say another word.”

Someone as proud and aloof as Jun Linyuan taking advantage of her? He didn’t even like her! What Yu Mingye said made it sound as if she actually had a crush on Jun Linyuan… Feng Xun would laugh his ass off if he was here.

Yu Mingye stared af Feng Wu. “He really didn’t pick on you?”

“No, no, and no.” Feng Wu very much wanted to tell Yu Mingye that actually, he was her victim. Will you just leave me alone, Bro?

Yu Mingye nodded and patted his chest. “Good, I’m glad to hear that. Don’t worry. I’ll keep an eye on you from now on and make sure that Jun Linyuan doesn’t get a chance.”

Jun Linyuan gave Yu Mingye a “you idiot” look —

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