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Chapter 135 - Boss Jun Obviously Doesn’t Like Feng Wu

Chapter 135: Boss Jun Obviously Doesn’t Like Feng Wu

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Feng Wu smacked her forehead. If Feng Xun one day found out that he had bragged about how to catch her right in front of her… She wondered if he would want to kill her all over again…

Well, she had been doing these things frequently enough that Feng Xun was probably used to it already.

Feng Wu still almost burst out laughing at that thought. She could only drop her head to her chest and keep a very low profile so that no one would notice her flushed cheeks, which was a result of suppressing her laughter.

Feng Xun gestured at himself. “I’ll take the east gate with little Feng Wu here. Xuan the Second, you take the south gate. Feng Yiran, the west. Yu Mingye, the north.”

Feng Xun deemed his plan a stroke of genius.

Hadn’t Boss Jun made it clear that he wouldn’t become entangled in such banal worldly affairs? Hence, Feng Xun didn’t include him at all.

Jun Linyuan, who had been looking at the mountains in the horizon, frowned a little.

Before he could speak, Yu Mingye jumped to his feet and protested, “Why is little Feng Wu with you? I won’t have it!”

Feng Xun smirked. “Bite me.”

“No problem. Let’s do it now. A one-on-one fight —” Yu Mingye was as irascible as any hotheaded teenager his age, and it only took the tiniest spark to make him explode. He was ready for battle even as he spoke.

A fight was on the verge of breaking out when Jun Linyuan frowned and said calmly, “Stop.”

“Boss Jun…” Feng Xun turned to look at Jun Linyuan.

“Jun Linyuan, I dare you to take his side!” Yu Mingye stomped his foot in rage.

However, Jun Linyuan only gave Feng Wu a nonchalant glance from the corner of his eye and ordered in an impassive voice, “You, with me.”

She, alone with Jun Linyuan?!

Feng Wu’s heart almost exploded right there and then.

“No, no, no…” Feng Wu waved her hands in a hurry. “You guys go ahead. I’ll sit this one out. The ugly girl has never done anything to me. Why should I go after her… Hey —” All she wanted now was to find a quiet place to cultivate!

Feng Wu was still waving her hands when Jun Linyuan caught her wrist with his long, thin fingers. That promptly solved the problem. They were off.

Behind them, everyone was dumbfounded.

Wasn’t Boss Jun supposed to be a neat freak who never touched anyone with his hands? He had just touched Feng Wu. Although there was a layer of clothing between them… it still felt so weird. Xuan Yi looked puzzled.

Feng Xun, on the other hand, looked very guilty. ” Sigh . Boss Jun obviously doesn’t like Feng Wu, but he took her away just to help me… I owe Boss Jun so much.”

Xuan Yi darted a dubious look at Feng Xun. “… Are you sure that’s what’s happening here?”

“Isn’t it?” Feng Xun looked at Xuan Yi, bemused. “Are you suggesting that Boss Jun took Feng Wu with him because he wants to be alone with her?”

“Isn’t that possible?” Xuan Yi didn’t think the matter was that simple.

“Hahahaha —” Feng Xun cracked up, as if he had heard the funniest thing. Holding his belly, he doubled over with laughter. “Xuan Yi, you’re so silly! Gosh, I’m laughing my ass off here. Hahahaha —”

Xuan Yi threw a dirty look at him, shook his head, and left for the south gate.

An idea struck Feng Yiran all of a sudden. Was it possible that Jun Linyuan really liked Feng Wu? Given Feng Wu’s stunning beauty, it wouldn’t be too farfetched to assume that Jun Linyuan had fallen in love with her. But that couldn’t be. If that was the case, why did he break off the engagement in the first place back then?

Feng Yiran tried his best to remember everything, down to the very last detail.

Soon, he recalled the look Jun Linyuan gave Feng Wu…

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