Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 134 - Are You Dumb or What?

Chapter 134: Are You Dumb or What?

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Glaring at Jun Linyuan, Yu Mingye gestured and repeated the question. “Answer me. Do you like her or not?”

Jun Linyuan narrowed his eyes, the grim look in them making one shudder.

The two guys were fighting again…

Everyone looked at Yu Mingye as if he was an idiot. What was wrong with this teenager? Would Jun Linyuan like that ugly girl? Who was Yu Mingye kidding? That was preposterous.

Feng Xun was speechless. “Boss Jun likes that ugly girl? What gave you that idea? If you like her that much, fine, she’s all yours.”

Jun Linyuan gave Feng Xun an indescribable look.

Yu Mingye, on the other hand, was delighted to hear that. However, he blurted out again, “Jun Linyuan, if you don’t like the ugly girl, do you like Feng Wu, then?”

The next second, everyone was examining Feng Wu in a strange way, which made her blush.

This was so humiliating… The sun would rise in the west first before Jun Linyuan liked her.

Being stared at by all those eyes, Feng Wu wished more than anything that she could disappear at that moment.

Feng Xun took pity on Feng Wu and came to her rescue. He chuckled and said, “Yu Mingye, what are you even thinking? Since when would Boss Jun like a useless girl?”

Feng Wu glared at Feng Xun.

That look almost gave Feng Xun a heart attack. He replied with a shrug. “But that’s what you are, useless.”

Feng Wu almost had a stroke, but she couldn’t give a retort.

She took a deep breath.

Calm down, calm down… Now that she had taken the Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill, all she needed was a quiet place to restart her cultivation. Useless? We’ll see about that.

Feng Wu raised an eyebrow and darted a look at Feng Xun. “Young Lord Feng.”


Feng Xun shuddered at Feng Wu’s formal tone.

“What stage are you at?”

Feng Xun replied without hesitation, “I’m a Spiritual Grandmaster —”

He then said in smug satisfaction, “Anyway, it’s a stage you’ll never be able to reach in your life. Why are you asking? It’ll only upset you.”

“Spiritual Grandmaster? This stage consists of three stars. Should I assume that you’ve reached the third star already?” Feng Wu asked calmly.

The Spiritual Master stage was the only one which consisted of nine levels. All stages beyond that used a three-star ranking.

As far as Feng Wu knew, Fairy Muyao and the others were still at the Spiritual Master stage, but Zuo Qingluan had reached the Spiritual Grandmaster stage.

Feng Xun gloated. “Yup. I’m about to break into the Spiritual Elder stage. Are you envious of me? Sigh , if you hadn’t…”

Feng Xun thought what he said would upset Feng Wu, but he saw that rather than get angry, Feng Wu smiled a little… Was it so hard a blow to her that she couldn’t think straight?

Seeing that no one would talk to him, Yu Mingye was going to say something when Feng Xun cut him off. “Alright, alright, back to business. Our top priority here is to catch the ugly girl. Agreed?”

Feng Xun eyed Jun Linyuan as he spoke.

Seeing that all Jun Linyuan did was savor the view of Frozen Forest in the distance, Feng Xun saw that the guy clearly didn’t want to get involved. Hence, Feng Xun became the one who called the shots.

“I’ve told the mayor to close all the city gates and seal off all the water channels. That is to say, the ugly girl is right here in Northern Border City.

“Let’s split up into four groups and each take a city gate. We’ll start our search from the gates and move toward the center of the city. That cunning girl can’t possibly escape this time!”

Feng Wu stared at Feng Xun.

The guy was very serious and dedicated to this task. He had a strongly defined profile, exquisite features, and eyes as clear as water. His tone was decisive, his words logical, and he was very attractive…

Had it not been for the fact that he was planning to catch her, Feng Wu would actually applaud him.

“Alright. I’ve talked you through the plan. Let’s split up into groups now.”

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