Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 120 - Just Leave Me Alone!

Chapter 120: Just Leave Me Alone!

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Yu Mingye’s eyes widened. “Feng Wu? As in that useless Feng Wu of the Feng family in Northern Border City?”

The corner of Feng Wu’s mouth twitched a little, but she still nodded.

“As in the useless Feng Wu, the former fiancee of Jun Linyuan?”

Feng Wu clenched her fists and nodded again.

“As in the fifth daughter of the Feng family, who was replaced by Zuo Qingluan?”

Blue veins popped on Feng Wu’s forehead.

“Hahaha! So you’re Feng Wu, the famous good-for-nothing!”

Feng Wu took a deep breath… why had she even bothered to sympathize with Yu Mingye at all… she must have lost her mind!

Turning away from Yu Mingye, Feng Wu stormed off.

“Hey, wait —” Yu Mingye followed her in a hurry.

Feng Wu went on walking angrily. Yu Mingye walked by her side and would cast a glance at her every now and then. It seemed that the pretty girl was really…

“Hey —” Yu Mingye poked Feng Wu in the arm.

Feng Wu ignored him.

“Are you angry? Like, really angry?” Yu Mingye asked tentatively.

Feng Wu kept on walking without any intention of slowing down.

Of course she couldn’t stop. The consequences would be unimaginable if Feng Xun caught her.

Walking side by side with Feng Wu and seeing the stern look on her face, Yu Mingye mumbled, “Hey, you’re so narrow-minded. No wonder Jun Linyuan broke off the engagement. My goddess is really magnanimous. She’d never behave the way you’re behaving now!”

Feng Wu smirked. “Your goddess? What’s your goddess called?”

That successfully silenced Yu Mingye!

He said, “She’s, um…”

He was going to call her “ugly girl,” but after all the nice things he had said about her, “ugly girl” didn’t feel like the right nickname. Hence, he replied, “Her surname is Feng and she’s the fifth child in her family. So, she goes by the name Miss Five. Unlike you, she’d never give her maiden name to some random guy she meets on the street.”

Feng Wu took a deep breath and fought back her vexation.

However, maybe that deep breath had triggered something, for Feng Wu felt the sensation of flatulence in her lower abdomen… Damn it! She was going to release gas again!

Involuntarily, she looked up at Yu Mingye.

Yu Mingye was bewildered. “What? What did I do now?”

Biting her lower lip, Feng Wu looked conflicted…

Was it possible that Yu Mingye wouldn’t recognize the smell of Immortal Spiritual Fruit if she released the gas here? She shook her head inwardly. That was very unlikely. So, what should she do now?

“Why are you holding your belly? Do you have a stomachache?” Yu Mingye looked at Feng Wu in confusion.

Feng Wu didn’t know what to tell him.

“Why are you still following me? Go find your goddess!” Feng Wu glowered at him. “I’m going home now! Get lost!”

That came out of nowhere and Yu Mingye was offended. He snorted. “Do you think I want to follow you around? If you didn’t happen to have a similar aura and body shape as my goddess, I wouldn’t look at you even if you begged me to!”

After that, Yu Mingye turned and stormed off in the opposite direction —

Feng Wu’s eyes widened… That was easier than she had thought, and after she had racked her brain for a way to send him away!

Seeing that Yu Mingye had left, Feng Wu took a deep breath and rushed into an alley nearby… Just when she was finally going to… let loose, she looked up and saw Yu Mingye right in front of her.

That was close!

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