Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 121 - Why Was Everyone in Her Way?

Chapter 121: Why Was Everyone in Her Way?

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Feng Wu’s eyes popped out. Gritting her teeth and clenching her fists, she bellowed, “I thought you left! Why are you still here?”

She was that close to exposing herself!

Yu Mingye’s chiseled face was very grim as he stared at Feng Wu with a chilly look in his eyes and smirked. “I’m not taking orders from you! Who are you to tell me what to do?”

Feng Wu was speechless. Why did she have to run into such a goofball? She really needed to go! Now!

“I’m begging you, ok? Master Yu, please stop following me, will you? No, please stop letting me follow you, alright?” Feng Wu felt like crying.

She walked out of the alley and was going to head in the opposite direction.

However, she had barely taken one step when Yu Mingye blocked her way again.

Anger and resentment was written all over his impeccable face. His eyes were as hard as cold steel, but he looked equally aggrieved. Staring at Feng Wu, he asked in a quiet voice, “Do you want to get away from me that badly?”

Feng Wu forced a smile. “It’s not that I want to, but I should. Your goddess may get the wrong idea if she sees us together. You don’t want that, do you? Didn’t you say that she’s here in Northern Border City as well? Do you want to give her the wrong impression?”

Only then did Yu Mingye realize that he had jumped into the pit he had dug himself… For some unknown reason, he just wanted to stay with Feng Wu, even if it was just to walk with her.

However, he couldn’t stop thinking about that ugly girl at the same time… It was so confusing!

Feng Wu’s face had turned blue and her eyes were bloodshot red from her desperate effort to control her bowels… She said hastily, “You know what? I think I saw Young Lord Feng and his people chasing someone on my way here. They kept mentioning this Feng Xiaowu and ugly girl and I think I heard Frozen Forest and Immortal Spiritual Fruit, too… Do you think they’re after your goddess?”

“What?! They found Feng Xiaowu?! Where?!” That successfully distracted Yu Mingye.

Feng Wu gave him the wrong direction. “Follow this street all the way down and you’ll see Young Lord Feng.”

Yu Mingye disappeared into the distance as soon as Feng Wu finished her sentence!

Finally… Feng Wu let out a breath of relief. Now was the time!

But —

It definitely wasn’t her lucky day today.

Yu Mingye had only just gone off when a taunting voice spoke behind her.

“Feng Wu, you piece of shit. Instead of staying at home, you’re out here flirting with other men. Shame on you!”

It was Feng Liu, Feng Wu’s cousin. Next to her stood Fairy Muyao.

They saw Feng Wu talking to a pretty teenager just then, but because Yu Mingye had his back to them, they hadn’t made out his face.

But what they saw was enough to frame Feng Wu.

Feng Wu was going to fart when she turned around and saw the duo. Her face darkened.

She didn’t have time for these two, so she turned to leave right away.

Both Feng Liu and Fairy Muyao found this a great opportunity. They had finally caught Feng Wu alone and they weren’t going to let her leave just like that. They immediately blocked Feng Wu’s way on both ends.

With Feng Liu in front of her, Fairy Muyao behind her, the city wall on the left and the moat on her right… Feng Wu was cornered.

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