Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 119 - I’m Feng Wu, as in “Soaring Phoenix”

Chapter 119: I’m Feng Wu, as in “Soaring Phoenix”

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Weren’t those the white porcelain bottles she threw at Yu Mingye when she set him up? She was the reason that his feet bled and his eyes turned red and swollen…

And what did he just call those bottles? A token of love???

Was Yu Mingye out of his mind?!

“Ar- aren’t those the most common white porcelain bottles which you can find everywhere?” Feng Wu’s voice was so tiny that she could barely hear it herself. She really didn’t know how to describe her feelings at the moment.

She was aware of Yu Mingye’s goofiness, but she never realized that he could be this silly.

Yu Mingye threw a dirty look at Feng Wu, then announced proudly, “How can you call them common? Are you blind? These are definitely a token of love. They say that good things always come in pairs; that’s why she gave me two.”

Just keep lying to yourself, Yu Mingye, Feng Wu thought in resignation…

The look Feng Wu gave Yu Mingye now was very hard to describe.

It was a mix of embarrassment, bewilderment, and confusion… But more than anything, she pitied him for his scant intelligence…

Had she somehow damaged Yu Mingye’s head back there in Frozen Forest? Did he even realize what he was saying?

There was nothing attractive about the disguise she had worn in Frozen Forest. Plus, she had set him up, poisoned him, and nearly drove him to a mental breakdown… yet, the teenager had just told her…

He had just called Feng Xiaowu pretty, kind, and a goddess? And those bottles had become a token of love? Holy shit…

Blue veins popped on Feng Wu’s forehead… the world or Yu Mingye, one of them had to have gone insane.

Seeing that Feng Wu was trembling, Yu Mingye looked at her curiously and asked in bewilderment, “Why are you shaking? Are you cold?”

“Heh, heh, heh… I am. It’s freezing.” Cold sweat covered her body and Feng Wu felt so awkward.

With no idea that the irresistibly pretty girl in front of him was the ugly girl he was looking for, Yu Mingye went on talking.

GIven how proud he was, he couldn’t stop bragging. “My girl is pretty, gentle, and kind. She’s nothing like you, all sharp-tongued and obnoxious. So, stop wasting your time. I’m never going to fall in love with you.”

Feng Wu rubbed her forehead. She might have actually been fooled by Yu Mingye, had it not been for the fact that she was the girl in question…

If Yu Mingye found out the truth about Feng Xiaowu later… would he kill her when he remembered what he said today?

Somehow, she was seriously considering the possibility of being killed. Feng Wu looked up at the sky in silence.

“… So, can I go now?” Feng Wu asked. She couldn’t fight back her laughter much longer and she feared that she might crack up at any moment. It was impossible to stop herself from giggling over what Yu Mingye had been saying about her.

Glaring at Feng Wu, Yu Mingye was going to let her leave, but after some thought, he still asked, “Hey, sharp-tongued girl, what’s your name?”

“Why do you want that now?” Feng Wu asked impatiently. “Are you going to get back at me later?”

“I just want to know the name of the girl with a bigger ego than me.” Yu Mingye rolled his eyes.

Since she wasn’t wearing a disguise, Feng Wu found it unnecessary to hold back that piece of information. Plus, she couldn’t bring herself to lie to the poor boy anymore. She answered without hesitation, “I’m Feng Wu, as in ‘soaring phoenix.’”

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