Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 118 - Utterly Flustered

Chapter 118: Utterly Flustered

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Jumping off the tall wall, Yu Mingye landed on the ground and looked down at Feng Wu. He stressed earnestly, “I’ll never fall in love with you! Forget it!”

Feng Wu nodded without objection. “Alright, I see. I’ve already forgotten about it. May I go now?”

He didn’t like her? Great!

After he had made such a solemn declaration, Yu Mingye was vexed to see Feng Wu reply so perfunctorily! How could she stay so calm? Other girls always looked heartbroken when he turned them down.

He was such an excellent specimen of a human being that the girl couldn’t possibly not like him! She had to be playing hard to get!

Taking a deep breath, he pointed a finger at Feng Wu and stressed angrily, “I have someone I like already! So, stop flattering yourself!”

Feng Wu nodded immediately. “I see. I won’t… So, anything else?” Can you please say everything in one go? Feng Xun was on her heels and she was really in a hurry!

That successfully baffled Yu Mingye again. Was she that eager to leave? Was he that repulsive? That was so frustrating!

Yu Mingye smirked. “The girl I like is much prettier than you! I like you? In your dreams!”

Somehow, Yu Mingye just didn’t want to let the girl leave. He wanted to talk to her.

He had hit Feng Wu’s head with a peach kernel just then because from behind, he thought that she looked like the ugly girl that had tricked him in Frozen Forest. Now that they were standing this close to each other, Yu Mingye felt that her aura reminded him of that ugly girl as well…

As a matter of fact, if her face was covered, Yu Mingye might mistaken her for the ugly girl.

Yu Mingye was so angry when the ugly girl came to his mind! That girl made him miserable!

“Fine, fine, she’s prettier than me… Wait, prettier than me? There’s a prettier girl than me here in Northern Border City? That’s impossible. Who is she? Can I meet her?” Feng Wu’s eyes lit up. Growing up, the only people that Feng Wu considered better-looking than herself were her mother and her master.

“Hmph!” Yu Mingye snorted complacently. “Why should I let you see her? Anyway, she’s super gorgeous and you’ll only find yourself unseemly if you two meet. Therefore, forget it. She’s my one and only goddess!”

Feng Wu was so intrigued to find out what Yu Mingye’s goddess looked like!

“Wow! Really? There really is a girl prettier than I am? Who is she and how did you two meet? Where is she now? Are you sure I can’t see her? If I’m doomed to be defeated, the least you can do is convince me.” Feng Wu was genuinely curious now.

Yu Mingye arched his straight eyebrows. “How did we meet? Well, I met her only a few days ago in Frozen Forest. Not only was she brilliant, she was also kind, innocent, and gentle. And she looked… Well, you’re nothing compared with her!”

A few days ago… Frozen Forest… Feng Wu’s eyes widened as her mouth fell open…

“What? You don’t believe me?” Yu Mingye darted a look at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu shook her head. “No, I don’t. Never.”

“Look, she gave me these as a token of her love.” Yu Mingye took out two white porcelain bottles and waved them in Feng Wu’s face.

Feng Wu was… utterly flustered.

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