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Chapter 115 - She Really Hated to Trick Feng Xun Again, But…

Chapter 115: She Really Hated to Trick Feng Xun Again, But…

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Looking at her wrist, Feng Wu almost burst into tears!

She had been in such a hurry that she only had time to put makeup on her face. As a result, she was still fair-skinned from her wrists down… Luckily, Feng Xun only grabbed her sleeve for a second before throwing off her hand. “Gosh, that’s filthy!”

Feng Wu heaved a sigh of relief inwardly. It didn’t seem that Feng Xun had recognized her.

Indeed, he hadn’t. Staring at Feng Wu, Feng Xun asked, “Hey, I need to ask you something! I want only honest answers!”

Feng Wu the little beggar looked up at Feng Xun with a frightened look on her face, wishing that she could grow wings and fly away from him.

“See these gold coins? You can buy a lot of steamed buns with them!” Tossing a handful of gold coins into Feng Wu’s lap, Feng Xun asked in a cajoling tone, “Ready to answer my questions?”

Feng Wu didn’t make a sound.

Holding the gold coins in her hands, she grinned like a little miser, for all beggars should look like that when hit with a bunch of gold coins.

Glaring at the little beggar, Feng Xun asked, “Have you been sitting here the whole time?”

Feng Wu the little beggar nodded. “Um, um, um…”

Feng Xun immediately took out the portrait he drew for Mayor Bi and showed it to the little beggar. “Have a look. Did you see this person pass by?”

Under all the dirt and makeup, Feng Wu’s cheek twitched a little when she saw the drawing.

Had she seen the person? Of course she had. The person is standing right in front of you, Young Lord Feng…

The only thing Feng Wu could think of at that moment was that if Feng Xun found out about this one day, that this little beggar here was the Feng Xiaowu he was looking for… she seriously thought that Feng Xun would strangle her himself.

She hated to trick Feng Xun again, but why did he keep jumping into her traps? Sigh 

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu looked at Feng Xun with her clear big eyes. “Ah, ah, ah…”

As she made all the strange sounds, she pointed at her throat, indicating that she was a mute.

Feng Xun said impatiently, “I see you can’t speak, but you’re not blind, are you? Just tell me if you’ve seen this person!”

Feng Wu rolled her eyes in her head. Since Feng Xun was asking for it, she would gladly push him into her trap. She nodded, then pointed in the direction of the most boisterous street in the city.

Feng Xun turned around and said to Xuan Yi, “See? I found the right person. Beggars see everything.”

He then dragged Xuan Yi toward the main street.

Jun Linyuan went last. Before he left, he took a long look at Feng Wu.

That gave Feng Wu the creeps.

Jun Linyuan couldn’t have seen through her disguise, could he?

No, that couldn’t be the case. Why would Jun Linyuan keep it from Feng Xun if he had noticed something? She must be overthinking it!

After Feng Xun and the others left, Feng Wu ran in the opposite direction.

A short distance away stood Grandma Zhang’s house. Feng Wu slunk into the courtyard, changed into clean clothes, and was back to the old Feng Wu.

Ffft —

She farted again!

Feng Wu almost burst into tears!

This was happening way too often! She was releasing gas every five minutes and she had no control over it! Why wouldn’t it stop?

She couldn’t even go back home like this, let alone cultivate —

With a long face, Feng Wu heaved a sigh. She had to be the most unlucky person in the city!

She couldn’t stay here either. Fortunately, Feng Wu knew these alleys very well.

Moreover, the neighbors here had a habit of keeping their doors open. Hence, Feng Wu was able to sneak into one household after another without attracting any attention!

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