Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 114 - What Do I Need You Here For?

Chapter 114: What Do I Need You Here For?

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Turning around, she saw Feng Xun hurrying this way along the edge of the roof.

He was heading in her direction without any hesitation, which meant that he had discovered her whereabouts!

Feng Wu panicked. Time was of the essence here and it made her move. After running across the manor’s garden, she jumped on the walls across several streets before landing in an alley.

No, she couldn’t go on like this. They would be on her in no time. She had to come up with a plan.

The best quality Feng Wu had was that she was able to keep a cool head in the most pressing situations.

Looking around, she spotted a young beggar sitting against a wall. An idea struck her!

She began to put on a disguise again.

Changing into coarse clothes and smearing dirt all over her face, she turned herself into a filthy little beggar in a matter of minutes.

She hoped that the stinky beggar clothes would cover the smell of the Immortal Spiritual Fruit.

Standing in a busy street, Feng Xun tried his best to sniff the air. However… the smell was too faint to detect now.

Feng Xun frowned and looked anxious.

As a matter of fact, Feng Wu was sitting in a corner against a wall less than ten meters away from him.

Her hair all tangled and her face dirty, she sat there cross-legged on the ground basking in the sun with a cracked bowl in front of her… She looked exactly like what a beggar was supposed to look like.

Lowering her eyelids, she would steal glances at the frowning Feng Xun, feeling both nervous and excited!

She had barely sat down when Feng Xun arrived, which was frighteningly fast. He would have caught her already if she wasn’t in disguise.

Feng Xun didn’t even look at the little beggar in the corner. As he looked around, the frown on his face grew bigger.

Just then —

Another person arrived.

“Have you found her?” Xuan Yi asked with a frown.

Feng Xun looked pissed. “I came here directly, following that smell. I should have caught her by now, but I can’t smell anything.”

Xuan Yi’s eyebrows were tightly knitted together. “I came from the other side; I thought that if the girl got away, I could outflank her, but I didn’t see anyone.”

“Where’s Boss Jun?” Feng Xun asked.

“There.” Xuan Yi gestured at the figure strolling toward them.

Feng Xun snapped, “Boss Jun, aren’t you even a little bit worried? We would have caught her by now if you came with us!”

Jun Linyuan’s black robe fluttered despite the fact that there was no wind. His face looked stunning. Standing erect with his hands behind his back, he shook his head casually. “I’m not going to.”

“But why?!” Feng Xun was exasperated.

Jun Linyuan darted Feng Xun a look with his bright eyes. “If you need me to catch a useless girl with zero cultivation, what do I need you here for?”

Feng Xun didn’t know what to say to that.

He couldn’t believe that after having been tricked by the useless girl once, he let it happen again… It seemed that she was getting away from him as they spoke! Feng Xun had never felt this humiliated in his life!

“Fine! I know Boss Jun is trying to make it a fair game here! I can’t believe what’s happening! Xuan Yi and I are definitely going to catch that girl!” Feng Xun’s eyes darted around and he finally spotted the little beggar this time.

He headed right that way at lightning speed and grabbed Feng Wu when he drew close. “I know what to do!”

Feng Wu panicked!

She was going to spring up and run, but before she could do so, Feng Xun caught her by her wrist!

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