Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 113 - Would It Kill Her to Wait?!

Chapter 113: Would It Kill Her to Wait?!

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Feng Xun pushed the sister away, then scanned the room with his eyes. No one else was there, so he promptly left.

He kicked open the next door down the corridor.

Before the girl in the room could say anything, Feng Xun bellowed, “Stay where you are and don’t move!”

He left the room in disappointment after a thorough search.

He went on to the next one, and the next one…

After turning the entire place upside down, the smell of the Immortal Spiritual Fruit juice was mostly gone, but Feng Xun still couldn’t find Feng Wu anywhere… How could that be? They had sensed her presence only a moment ago…

Feng Xun frowned. It was only then that he realized something wasn’t right!

Rushing out to the main hall, Feng Xun called out to Jun Linyuan. “Boss Jun! She’s not here!”

“I see.” Jun Linyuan nodded calmly.

“What now?” Feng Xun scratched his ear anxiously and jumped around like a monkey. “We let her slip through our fingers! Does that F in her surname stand for ‘flee’?”

Jun Linyuan narrowed his eyes, the look in them indecipherable. He then gave a one-word reply. “Wait.”

“Wait?” Feng Xun, who had an impatient disposition, was almost jumping in place. “But we can’t afford to wait! The scent of the fruit will only get fainter, and we’re surrounded by busy streets. She can easily hide herself in the crowd and disappear! It’ll be much harder to find her again!”

Jun Linyuan only shook his head, looking undisturbed. “We won’t lose her.”

“Boss Jun, you mean…”

Jun Linyuan didn’t say anything, but Xuan Yi replied, “We’re not waiting for the girl to come to us, but for her to… release the scent.”

Feng Xun smacked his forehead, looking enlightened. “I see! She took that juice, and before she can digest it completely, her body will keep releasing ‘waste gas’… and that gas will smell like Immortal Spiritual Fruit. Hahaha! You’re right! Let’s wait for her to fart again!”

Jun Linyuan didn’t say anything.

“How long do we have to wait?” Feng Xun couldn’t stand still. He had always been one to hurry, and had never felt as anxious as he did now.

“There.” Jun Linyuan spoke all of a sudden.

Feng Xun’s nose was obviously not as sharp as Jun Linyuan’s, but with that prompt, Feng Xun sniffed around and detected the change in the air. “That’s right! It’s indeed the smell of the fruit! It’s coming from the northeast! Let’s go!”

He then dashed off at the speed of light and was soon out of sight!

Xuan Yi ran in the other direction in order to outflank Feng Wu. “I’m going with him!”

Jun Linyuan watched as Feng Xun and Xuan Yi left, his eyes flickering a little from the excitement. However, instead of hurrying off after those two, he strolled around as if he was taking a walk. It seemed that he was confident of his victory.

Right now, Feng Wu’s face had practically turned green!

She really didn’t know… She had no idea that the Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill came with the side effect of farting!

Had she known, she would never have eaten it! Would it have killed her to wait?!

She might as well be running around with a billboard saying “I’m here” on her head!

Feng Wu had jumped into a city councillor’s manor upon leaving Spring Fragrance Tower. After taking a detour through there, she thought she had completely thrown Feng Xun off… then she farted!

She knew there and then that she was doomed… there was no hope left.

She could probably think of a way out if it was Feng Xun alone, but that diabolical Jun Linyuan was with him! Was this a heavenly trial or something? Feng Wu really felt like crying now.

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