Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 116 - This Is Awkward…

Chapter 116: This Is Awkward…

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Feng Xun and Xuan Yi headed for the main street, but they soon realized that they were on the wrong track.

“Wait, that doesn’t smell right…” Xuan Yi frowned.

Feng Xun was also frowning. “Why do I feel that… it’s coming from behind us? Did that little beggar lie to me?!”

They exchanged looks and ran back the way they came!

There was no one at that corner under the wall and the little beggar was nowhere to be found!

The cracked bowl was still there with a few gold coins left behind.

A real beggar would never have left without their bowl and the money!

Feng Xun’s face turned green when he saw that and he yelled, “What the hell? What’s going on here?”

Xuan Yi didn’t look any better, for he had realized something terrible.

While the two of them were still standing there, dazed, a girl walked past them.

Feng Xun recognized her. It was Lin Ling, the same girl that had given him a hard time.

Although Feng Xun had yet to recover from the toughness of this young lady of Northern Border City, he had no time for personal misgivings. Rushing to Lin Ling’s side, he grabbed her by the arm, which made Lin Ling jump.

Before Lin Ling could berate him, Feng Xun asked loudly, “Where is the little beggar here? Where did he go?”

Lin Ling gave Feng Xun a “you idiot” look. “Little beggar? You must be seeing things. I walk pass here every day dozens of times to deliver wontons; I’ve never seen any beggar here.”

Feng Xun’s pupils contracted. He was too furious to speak.

Lin Ling gave him another curious look. “Don’t you know? Mayor Bi won’t have the beggars affecting the appearance of the city, and all the beggars in the city have been relocated to another street.”

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi exchanged looks and saw the fury in each others’ eyes…

“It was her! It had to be! It was that ugly girl!” Feng Xun roared. “I let her slip right through my fingers! And you know what? I actually caught her! Not only did I catch her, I even asked her for directions! I – I’m an idiot!”

Feng Xun smacked his forehead as he spoke!

No one could understand how defeated he felt at that moment…

Xuan Yi darted a sympathetic look at Feng Xun. Although Xuan Yi had been tricked as well, overall, his experience wasn’t as miserable as Feng Xun’s.

“Stop whining. You’re only wasting time here. Let’s get moving. She can’t get away from us like that again.” Xuan Yi dashed off, dragging Feng Xun with him.

It was a hard blow for Feng Xun and he was so frustrated that he felt a throbbing pain in his chest.

Clenching his fists, he made an oath to himself that when he caught the ugly girl, he was going to hang her up by both wrists!

Right now, Feng Wu had just run out of the alley where Uncle Zhao’s house was and even greeted Xiaobao, Uncle Zhao’s son, on the way.

She had just reached the main street when —

Thud —

A peach kernel hit her on the head.

That hurt! Rubbing the spot on her forehead, Feng Wu turned around angrily. As if one Feng Xun wasn’t enough, someone else was giving her trouble now?

Her eyes popped out when she saw the culprit!

It was neither Feng Xun nor Xuan Yi, and not even Jun Linyuan —

Sitting on top of the high wall was Yu Mingye, whose life had become very miserable because of her…

“You —” Feng Wu felt like she had just been hit by a thunderbolt!

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