Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 110 - That’s Definitely Her!

Chapter 110: That’s Definitely Her!

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” Ahem , the girl… well, it’s really nothing. I don’t know where she came from and we only came to know each other by chance. After discussing some medical issues, I realized that she had profound knowledge in this area. I don’t know her that well, actually…” Old Man Ba tried to repair the damage he had caused.

Feng Xun turned to look at Mayor Bi, who had been standing at the back quietly this whole time. The mayor then quickly went up to Feng Xun.

Feng Xun took a scroll out of the mayor’s sleeve, which was the drawing he had made earlier today.

“Master Ba, please have a look. Is this the girl?” Feng Xun pointed at the person in the drawing.

Old Man Ba didn’t recognize Feng Wu at first, but upon closer look, the corner of his eye twitched.

That girl… really made sure that her beautiful features were completely erased from her face. Somehow, she had managed to change herself into the most ordinary-looking girl who was no different from anyone else on the street.

But Old Man Ba was never going to comment on that. All he could do now was make up for the huge mistake he had made.

He nodded right away. “Yes! That’s right! That’s definitely her!”

Old Man Ba and Feng Wu were each other’s confidante by now and there was a tacit understanding between them.

As soon as he smelled the spiritual essence, Old Man Ba knew that Feng Wu had succeeded. He then recalled the other door he had installed in the room… Who would have thought that the girl’s random idea would end up helping her today?

Hence, in order to repair the damage he had done, Old Man Ba began to talk to Feng Xun so that he could buy Feng Wu time and increase her chances of escape.

Accidentally, Old Man Ba’s eyes met Jun Linyuan’s.

The young man was staring at him with bright, narrowed eyes… as if he could see through everything. It was as if no one was able to keep any secrets from those eyes…

Old Man Ba’s stomach lurched!

The next second, he forced himself to look away. He wouldn’t give Jun Linyuan the chance to find out about his guilty conscience!

However, Jun Linyuan smiled knowingly. The old man…

After making sure that the person inside was the ugly girl Feng Xiaowu, Feng Xun said to Jun Linyuan in satisfaction, “It’s like the saying: one will search high and low, only to find it when one least expects. I can’t believe that we’re going to catch the girl by sheer luck. Hahaha —”

Jun Linyuan said indifferently, “You can laugh after you’ve caught her.”

“She’s just behind this door and going nowhere. Wait, why is it so quiet inside, and why is the scent of the juice growing fainter? What’s going on?” Feng Xun frowned. “Boss Jun, can I borrow your Sky Destroyer?”

Jun Linyuan tossed his formidable weapon to Feng Xun!


Sky Destroyer slashed down!

The door made from a special material was cut open!

Feng Xun charged in at the first opportunity!

However, he was baffled by what he saw inside!

The spacious refinery was thousands of square meters in area and was mostly empty. However, after looking around the room, Feng Wu was nowhere to be seen.

Jun Linyuan and the others came in after Feng Xun.

“She’s not here…” Feng Xun searched the entire refinery and he almost wanted to dig up the floor, but Feng Wu wasn’t here. He was baffled!

“But the cauldron is still hot, which means someone was using it just a minute ago! Plus, smell it! That’s the scent of the Immortal Spiritual Fruit! It was definitely that girl!” Feng Xun smacked the table in frustration!

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