Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 111 - Do I Smell…

Chapter 111: Do I Smell…

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The specially-made white marble table top cracked under Feng Xun’s palm!

Jun Linyuan’s grim glance brushed past Old Man Ba, making the latter shudder.

“Where is she? Where?” Feng Xun asked.

Rubbing his nose, Old Man Ba feigned a confused look. ” Ahem … where could she be? She was right here.”

Following Old Man Ba’s darting eyes, Jun Linyuan walked in one direction.

The look on Old Man Ba’s face changed all of a sudden!

Jun Linyuan smiled knowingly. He reached out and revealed a hidden passageway.

“Why, how could I have forgotten about that exit?” Old Man Ba smacked his forehead, as if it had only just occurred to him. “The girl is really smart. I didn’t think she could find that well-hidden door. How cunning of her!”

Feng Xun had no time for this. He bent down and went out through the waist-high door!

At the same time, Feng Wu —

Was running as fast as she could!

As soon as she took the Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill out of the cauldron, she stuffed it into her mouth, ignoring the scorching heat!

Fearing that they would confiscate the pill if they caught her, Feng Wu put the hard-earned pill in her mouth, gave it a chew, and swallowed it.

Only after that did she feel reassured!

Starting from this moment on, she was finally back on track with her cultivation!

She could finally activate that Divine Blood of the Phoenix from her master and become that genius teenage girl again!

But, her top priority now was to run, run, and run —

She wasn’t even a Level 1 Spiritual Master yet and she couldn’t let Feng Xun and the others catch her. Otherwise… Feng Wu couldn’t begin to imagine what would happen to her.

After leaving the refinery through the small door, instead of running into the main street, Feng Wu made her way into the adjacent Spring Fragrance Tower.

Because it was daytime, most of the girls there were still in bed. Inside the luxurious building, everything was nice and quiet.

Feng Wu chose her hiding place well. She hid herself in the attic and in a spot where she could see the small door through the window.

As soon as Feng Wu hid herself, she saw Feng Xun come out through that door!

That was close! She didn’t expect him to find that door so quickly!

Feng Xun looked this way and that, then chose a direction and dashed off!

Feng Wu patted her chest. Luckily, Feng Xun was on the wrong track, or she would be in real trouble…

That Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill was in her Dantian now, but she didn’t dare work on it now. She didn’t even dare make any sudden movements, for Jun Linyuan had such a sharp nose. He seemed to be able to pick up the faintest scent.

As Feng Wu pondered that problem, suddenly —

Ffft —

She farted, loudly!

It went on and on… and never seemed to end…

Feng Wu’s face turned green!

Farting wasn’t a big issue, but… with it came the scent particular to the Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill, aka the scent of the Immortal Spiritual Fruit.

Feng Wu dashed out of the attic without hesitation!

She had been exposed and she couldn’t stay there!

As expected, Jun Linyuan, Feng Xun and the others, who had been pursuing Feng Wu in the other direction, halted all of a sudden.

“Do I smell…” Feng Xun turned to Jun Linyuan.

Jun Linyuan nodded. “Yes.”

“Shit! That ugly girl has consumed the Immortal Spiritual Fruit! Damn her!” Feng Xun’s eyes widened in fury. “We can’t let her escape! Let’s go, while the smell still lingers!”

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