Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 109 - Not Another Word!

Chapter 109: Not Another Word!

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Old Man Ba finally realized what he had done.

He figured out almost right away that Feng Wu must have put on a disguise and ripped someone off again — in this case, Feng Xun was the victim… and he had tried to make the two parties meet just moments ago… Old Man Ba felt like crying.

Was the girl mad at him? Oh god, Feng Wu definitely wasn’t the magnanimous type, she had to be mad! She would never instruct him in refining medicine again… no!

Old Man Ba only realized now how much trouble he had put Feng Wu in!

The more he thought about it, the more he fretted…

Meanwhile, inside the refinery, Feng Wu felt like strangling Old Man Ba!

How could he do that to a friend, after all the help she had given him?!

She was going to explode!!!

However, at that moment, the last wisp of smoke left the cauldron… it was a sign that the refinement was complete. In a normal situation, the lid should only be opened after the fragrance of the medicine completely faded.

However, Feng Wu couldn’t wait. She opened the cauldron right away!

A pleasant scent like nothing she had smelled before gushed out!

The spiritual essence was so dense!

Lying at the bottom of the cauldron was a Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill as white and plump as a glutinous rice ball, the sight of which almost brought tears to Feng Wu’s eyes!

The Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill!

The Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill which her master had instructed her to refine!

She did it!

Exhilarated, Feng Wu buried her face in her palms and let the tears well up in her eyes!

For the past five years, she had spent all her spare time gathering the ingredients for this pill and training herself to cope with the skill required to refine something beyond her level… This Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill was the manifestation of all her efforts of the last five years.

Looking at the white, plump pill, Feng Wu was so excited that her fingers wouldn’t stop trembling!

After she resumed her cultivation, would her master… wake up? The hope was slim, but still there.

As soon as Feng Wu opened the lid, the rich smell of spiritual essence filled the air —

Even Feng Xun could smell it now!

“That’s the smell of the Immortal Spiritual Fruit! That’s right! It is!” Feng Xun hopped around in exasperation!

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched when she heard Feng Xun.

Someone kicked at the door from outside again!

It was accompanied by Feng Xun’s furious bellow. “Open up! Open up, right now! You ugly girl! For how long do you think you can run away from us?!”

After getting no response, Feng Xun turned to Jun Linyuan and smirked. “She’s getting a guilty conscience and is scared. Does she think she can hide in there forever? That’s ridiculous! She can try!”

Chuckling awkwardly, Old Man Ba asked, “Wh- what did she do to you?”

Feng Xun snorted. “What did she do? Hoho, she did everything. She tampered with things she shouldn’t have! She stole the juice of the Immortal Spiritual Fruit which we worked so hard to obtain! That little liar!”

Old Man Ba coughed.

That really sounded like something little Feng Wu would do.

“Master Ba, who is this girl, anyway? Didn’t you say you were going to tell us all about her? Since she’s still in there, why don’t you tell us now?” Feeling very confident in himself, Feng Xun smiled at Old Man Ba.

Old Man Ba felt cold sweat gather on his forehead and trickle down.

What could he tell them? He didn’t dare say another word now! The girl inside already probably wanted to kill him herself!

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