Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 108 - Oh No!

Chapter 108: Oh No!

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The training she received in her former life as a secret agent came in handy at that moment!

Thanks to her tough mind, Feng Wu was able to successfully add in the last chief and supplementary ingredients as cold sweat soaked her clothes.

Finally, she put the lid back on the cauldron, sealing everything in.

When the white smoke finally dissipated, a faint fragrance seeped out through the tiny openings on the cauldron.

It smelled so nice.

A look of delight flickered in Feng Wu’s eyes!

After refining medicine for so many years, she could tell that she stood a very good chance of successfully refining this Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill. However, anything could happen at the last minute… So, she couldn’t relax just yet.

Outside, they were still chatting.

Those people hadn’t left and were standing just outside the door —

That wouldn’t do.

Feng Wu’s heart sank.

How was she supposed to leave if they didn’t? Was she going to have to wear a disguise again?

Her eyes lit up all of a sudden!

She remembered that Old Man Ba had once had an accident during a refining job, when an explosion almost burnt him to a crisp. His face had been covered in black ash so that he looked like he had just taken a charcoal bath.

That time, she mentioned in passing that Old Man Ba should have an extra door in the refinery as an emergency exit…

So, had Old Man Ba taken her suggestion?

Feng Wu looked around the room and searched for it…

From what she knew of Old Man Ba, he was always wilful, which meant that the door would be placed somewhere in plain sight. So…

On the other side of the door, Jun Linyuan frowned at that moment.

“What’s wrong?” Feng Xun asked curiously.

Still frowning, Jun Linyuan darted a look at Feng Xun. “You don’t smell that?”

“Smell what?” Feng Xun was confused.

“Immortal Spiritual Fruit.” Jun Linyuan gave a straightforward answer.

“What? Immortal Spiritual Fruit?!” Feng Xun almost jumped up and he raised his voice. “The smell of Immortal Spiritual Fruit? As in the juice of the Immortal Spiritual Fruit? Where is it? Where?!”

Feng Xun didn’t care all that much for the juice, but it had been stolen by that ugly girl! That was to say, if they found the juice, there was a high chance that they would find Feng Xiaowu!

Feng Xun followed Jun Linyuan’s gaze —

The guy was frowning at the closed door in front of them —

Pointing at the door with a shaking finger, Feng Xun asked, “In there? The smell of the juice is coming from there? Is that right?!”

Frowning, Jun Linyuan nodded curtly.


Feng Xun kicked the door!

He spared no effort and there was a loud bang!

Feng Wu could hear them talking outside. Her heart raced at that moment!

… Was Jun Linyuan’s nose even human? How could he smell it through the door?!

“Open up! Open up right now, Feng Xiaowu!” Feng Xun’s face went scarlet with rage and blue veins popped on his neck.

“Ugly girl, open this f**king door!” Furious, Feng Xun kicked the door again!

Old Man Ba watched him, open-mouthed.

What was going on?


“Are you sure you’ve got the right person? That girl isn’t ugly at all.” Old Man Ba looked at Feng Xun, bemused. No one could ever call Feng Wu ugly. If she was ugly, everyone else apart from her mother would be hideous!

Old Man Ba’s stomach lurched as soon as he said those words!

Oh, no!

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