Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 11 - You Piece of Birdshit!

Chapter 11: You Piece of Birdshit!

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To Feng Wu, Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle’s right ear was as big as a house.

“I don’t have any spiritual energy, but I know what his weakness is.” Feng Wu arched an eyebrow.

“Alright!” Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle lowered its voice. “Get rid of him and I won’t eat you!”

Feng Wu drew in a deep breath. Such was the pathetic life of one who didn’t have any cultivation power. “… Fine.”

Sitting down in its ear, Feng Wu told the bird about Jun Linyuan’s Achilles’ heel. “Jun Linyuan is so talented that you’ll never be his match. Trying to run away will be futile, too. But, there is one thing you can do that’ll distract him briefly.”

Feng Wu smiled a little at that thought. “He’s a neat freak!”

She got the idea from the eagle’s drool just then.

Feng Wu turned to look at the teenager in black as she talked to the eagle.

He had clenched his right hand into a fist and spiritual essence circled around it, warping the air around him!

A formidable energy shook heaven and earth!

“Go!” Feng Wu shouted, sitting in the eagle’s ear.

Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle had its doubts, but it still charged at Jun Linyuan, making this its last attempt!

Just before they clashed —

Gurgle —

A sticky white substance gushed out of the eagle’s mouth and poured down toward Jun Linyuan!

The look on the elegant, otherworldly teenager’s face changed noticeably —

His face turned livid!

His movements turned stiff!

He kept falling back, further back —

“Run!” Feng Wu shouted, sitting cross-legged in the eagle’s right ear.

Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle didn’t expect it to work so well!

It turned around and fled right away!

The eagle spared no effort and increased its speed to the limit!

In its right ear, Feng Wu kept giving it directions. “Your ten o’clock, speed up. Quickly!”

Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle hadn’t thought much of Feng Wu at first, but since her suggestion had turned out remarkably useful, it began to follow her directions involuntarily.

“Lower your height! Forward! Faster!” Feng Wu clenched her fists!

10,000 meters, 5,000 meters, 3,000 meters… Almost there! They were almost at the waterfall over the cliff!

At that moment, the eagle suddenly pulled Feng Wu out of its ear and held her in its talon.

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched as she saw its drooling beak. She cried out, “What are you doing?!”

The eagle then threw Feng Wu in the direction of its mouth!

Just like someone throwing a peanut into their mouth!

Feng Wu shuddered with fear!

The eagle had gone back on its word before they were even out of danger!

Infuriated, Feng Wu took out a most solid Dark Stone from her Dragon and Phoenix Spiritual Ring, then threw it out.

Meanwhile, she turned swiftly, grabbed the eagle’s beak, and jumped onto its forehead!


There was a crisp sound.

Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle bit down on the Dark Stone Feng Wu tossed into its mouth and almost cracked its teeth!

It cried out angrily.

The eagle ranted, “You heartless woman! You’re so cunning!”

Standing on its head, Feng Wu rested her hands on her waist and stomped her foot. “You’re accusing me now? You promised you wouldn’t eat me and you went back on your word almost right away! You piece of shit, no, birdshit!”

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