Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 10 - What Good Can You Do Me?

Chapter 10: What Good Can You Do Me?

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Once Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle went berserk, it spread out its vast wings, covering half the sky. Even the mountains beneath were in its shadow — that was how enormous the bird was!

Glossy and slippery, it feathers were more like armor than a layer of down!

Feng Wu’s fingers closed on empty air, and she fell rapidly!

She was in dire danger!

Her life was hanging in the balance!

At the most critical moment, she finally grabbed hold of the eagle’s sharp talon.

The claw was as sharp as a blade, which cut deep into Feng Wu’s palms. Blood gushed out!

That had to be painful as hell…

However, Feng Wu didn’t even flinch. With the momentum, she swung herself up deftly and climbed back onto the eagle’s talon.

Only then did she let out a breath of relief.

She had narrowly escaped death. If she had been a tenth of a second slower, she would be dead now!

At that thought, Feng Wu turned her sharp gaze to Jun Linyuan!

Was everyone else an ant to that crown prince?!

He was so poised and elegant, while she was in such a sorry state.

Fury burned in Feng Wu’s chest like flames!

Strength… She had never craved strength like she did now!

Feng Wu took a deep breath. Immortal Spiritual Fruit, that was what she had to get her hands on now. Only after she refined the Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill could she resume her cultivation…

There was still a long way for her to go. Jun Linyuan, let’s wait and see!

At the moment, the most important thing was to stay alive.

Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle eyed Jun Linyuan in terror!

How could this teenager be so formidable?!

He was still so young, but his abilities already exceeded that of a Demi-Emperor!

Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle was no match for the teenager even after going berserk!

When this teenager reached his full potential in a few years, would that mighty being which dwelled in the middle of Frozen Forest be threatened by this human as well?

At that thought, a look of despair flickered in the eagle’s eyes!

However, if it couldn’t escape, it would make sure to fight to the end!

Seeing the frantic look in the eagle’s eyes, Feng Wu’s heart sank!

She couldn’t care less about the eagle’s fate, but if both sides went at each other’s throats, she would certainly become collateral damage and she wouldn’t get out of this alive!

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to beg Jun Linyuan for help, but she knew perfectly well that there was no point asking.

Because right now, to Jun Linyuan, she was a complete stranger.

The man had always been unbelievably heartless!

The motto he lived by was: save yourself, or stop wasting your breath.

To him, there were two kinds of people in this world: his people and everyone else.

He would stand up for his people no matter what and ignore the rest.

Clearly, Feng Xun was his man, while Feng Wu… belonged to the other category.

As frustrating and infuriating as that sounded, it was the fact.

Hence, Feng Wu pinned her hopes of survival on the eagle!

Feng Wu looked down again —

Frozen Forest was divided into five concentric circles, and the most formidable ruler of the forest lived in the very center!

It was a place that intimidated even the most capable cultivators of the empire.

Because of that crucial Immortal Spiritual Fruit, Feng Wu had gained some in-depth understanding of Frozen Forest.

One glance and she recognized that they were above the eastern region of the fourth ring.

The next moment, the detailed map of this area came to her mind.

“If you fight him to the end, he will escape without a scratch, but you’ll perish. How about we join forces?” Despite the cuts on her hands, Feng Wu grasped the eagle’s talon and nimbly moved toward the eagle’s ear.

“Join hands? What good can you do me?” asked Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle with contempt.

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