Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 12 - Secret Agent Instinct

Chapter 12: Secret Agent Instinct

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Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle screamed furiously, “I’m only eating you because you’re a smart person! Eating you will probably make me smarter, too! Do you think I’ll enjoy eating you? You’re all bones and might crack my teeth!”

Feng Wu took a deep breath.

But her anger refused to subside. She snorted and said, “Fine, stay here and get killed by Jun Linyuan! I’m off!”

Feng Wu had long figured out her escape route and had chosen the spot she was going to take off from!

She had started a row with the eagle as a distraction.

At that moment, Feng Wu turned around and looked into the distance.

The black-clad and black-eyed stern teenager now had a murderous look in his eyes!

Tapping the tip of his foot in the air, he leapt up deftly, then charged at them across the sky!

Sky Destroyer slashed down!

The cold, merciless energy spread and tumbled out, aiming right for one of the giant eagle wings that was wide enough to cover mountains!

Feng Wu knew that it was the end of this dumb, adorable-ish Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle.

Five hundred meters…

Three hundred meters…

One hundred meters…

However, Feng Wu wasn’t far away from that waterfall at the towering cliff now!

After once again going through factors such as height, wind speed, and the speed of her fall, Feng Wu let out a breath, leapt out, did a forward somersault in the air, and hurtled toward the waterfall!

When she fell past one of the eagle’s eyes, Feng Wu even had the time to wave at it.

The eagle was dazed for a brief second.

Just as Feng Wu leapt out —

Jun Linyuan had arrived with his slashing Sky Destroyer!

A vast wing was cut right off the mountainous body of the eagle!

” Roarrrr !”

Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle’s face twisted in pain and it screamed in a forlorn and bitter voice!

Blood gushed out from where its right wing used to be and it trembled violently in mid-air!

Jun Linyuan saw a figure jump out of the eagle’s right ear and plummet.

However, he never took any interest in those he deemed unimportant.

He was about to look away when, out of the corner of his eye, he saw that figure nimbly wrap her arms around her bent knees and tuck her head in, curling into a ball.

Then, she landed in the waterfall where the cliff ended at an angle, in a position to offset the impact.

Immediately after that, she let the current carry her all the way down!

She was washed into the bubbling small lake under the waterfall.

An indecipherable look flickered in Jun Linyuan’s eyes, which were usually nonchalant and emotionless. One could even detect a look of surprise on his handsome face.

That person had jumped out of the eagle’s ear, fallen, bumped into the edge of the cliff, and was then carried down by the current.

Too many factors had to be taken into consideration during that process: the height, the speed and direction of the wind, gravity, the force of impact, the cliff angle, and the unpredictable Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle… Only one thing needed to go wrong for everything to fall apart.

He never expected to see that from an ordinary girl with zero spiritual essence. Interesting.

However, “interesting” was as much as Jun Linyuan thought of Feng Wu. He didn’t intend to try and save her at all.

If he knew that one day he would fall head over heels for the girl, Jun Linyuan, His Royal Highness, wouldn’t have turned a blind eye to her now. However… that was exactly what he did to Feng Wu on this occasion.

Feng Wu fell swiftly from the cliff, carried along by the rushing torrent!

She then fell right into the deep small lake in the valley below!


Feng Wu had calculated everything, apart from the fact that there was a giant rock at the bottom of the lake.

Hence, she landed at the bottom of the lake and banged her forehead on the rock with a thump.


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