Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 103 - You Won’t Fool Me

Chapter 103: You Won’t Fool Me

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Before Feng Wu could say another word, Old Man Ba said eagerly, “Come here, quickly. I’ve been stuck at this stage for a few days, and if you hadn’t shown up today, I would have gone to fetch you. Here —”

It was unfathomable that the old man renowned throughout the empire was taking lessons from Feng Wu.

Feng Wu wanted to borrow Old Man Ba’s refinery, so she was glad to help.

Just when they were ready to go in, footsteps came from outside.

The only other person living with Old Man Ba was an old steward, who took care of matters in his daily life.

The old steward came in to report to Old Man Ba. “Master, the mayor is here —”

Feng Wu frowned a little. Mayor Bi?

Old Man Ba winced and complained to Feng Wu, “Our mayor is so annoying. He keeps coming here for the pettiest reasons. Doesn’t he feel like he’s wasting his time and mine? He could be doing a lot of useful things with that time!”

Feng Wu gave him a wry smile. Old Man Ba was the epitome of the saying that people became kids again as they aged.

Mayor Bi was the ruler of Northern Border City, and to anyone else, it would be a great honor to be visited by someone with such a prestigious status. However, Old Man Ba only wanted to give the man the cold shoulder.

Feng Wu smiled. “I think Mayor Bi is here for his son, right?”

Old Man Ba gave Feng Wu a look. “You wicked little thing.”

Feng Wu arched an eyebrow. “I’m the most law-abiding, gentle, kind, harmless, and innocent girl out there. Old Man Ba, you’re slandering my reputation.”

Old Man Ba rolled his eyes at Feng Wu. “An innocent and harmless face you’ve got there, alright. Anyone fooled by your appearance won’t even see it coming when they die. You’re the most cunning girl.”

Resting her hands on her waist, Feng Wu protested, “I’m not!”

“You so are. Tell me then, how did the son of the Bi family become what he is now? He wasn’t this retarded to begin with. Don’t tell me you had nothing to do with it!” Old Man Ba snapped. “That boy got carried away by his lust and made unspeakable plans which involved you. He deserved what he got, but I’m not the only medicine refiner in the empire, and there are two or three that are just as capable as I am. Can you guarantee that Mayor Bi will never go to them?”

A grim look flickered in Feng Wu’s eyes.

Her family had been banished to Northern Border City five years ago. The family of three consisted of her mother, the most beautiful woman in the empire, a crippled Feng Wu, and her innocent brother… They made such easy targets.

Bi Liangdong showed up then, trying to coerce and bribe Feng Wu using the most unspeakable approaches. Feng Wu wanted to strangle the guy.

Hence, with some secret maneuvering, Feng Wu turned Bi Liangdong into a retard.

It was just that she was the only one who knew what happened. Even Old Man Ba could only speculate.

Had Mayor Bi found out that she was the reason his son became retarded…

Feng Wu said innocently, “So what if Mayor Bi goes to them? It’s none of my business.”

“Keep acting. I’m not buying it.” Old Man Ba threw Feng Wu a dirty look.

“Master…” the old steward prompted in a small voice.

Old Man Ba waved his hand in frustration. “If he likes to wait that much, let him wait. Go tell him: your master is busy refining medicine, and no one is to disturb him!”

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