Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 104 - Can She Make It?

Chapter 104: Can She Make It?

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Old Man Ba pulled Feng Wu toward the refinery as he spoke. “Gosh, that man. I’ve studied that ancient pill recipe carefully, and theoretically, it’s doable. But when it comes to actual practice, I ran into some issues. I put in the right portion of Star Demon Grass and set the heat like you told me to, but something just isn’t right. Come, let’s talk inside —”

If martial arts maniacs existed on this continent, Old Man Ba would definitely qualify as a medicine maniac.

Where refining medicine was concerned, everything else had to wait.

The old steward smiled awkwardly as he watched his master listen attentively to Miss Feng Wu. If word got out, no one would believe that a prominent medicine refiner like Old Man Ba would be taking advice from the so-called useless Miss Wu.

Even less people would believe that not only didn’t Miss Feng Wu find it strange, she was also coming up with all this convoluted jargon while Old Man Ba listened attentively and nodded appreciatively.

It was such a weird picture…

The old steward shook his head and gave a wry smile. It seemed that Mayor Bi would be waiting for some time.

What had been bothering Old Man Ba wasn’t that difficult a problem. He understood all of a sudden after a brief explanation from Feng Wu.

“So, the Octagon Grass needs to be stripped first! Thank you for telling me that!” Old Man Ba patted Feng Wu on her slim shoulder in excitement. “How does that little head of yours know so many things? No one has ever considered stripping the Octagon Grass first!”

Feng Wu stuck out her chest proudly. She did have the most excellent and beautiful master in the whole continent, after all.

Her beautiful master knew so much more than refining medicine.

Enlightened, Old Man Ba was ready to put the theory into practice and finish that strengthening pill according to that ancient recipe from Feng Wu.

Just then, footsteps came from outside —

“Master, Master —”

It was the old steward again.

Old Man Ba felt like killing someone now! Hadn’t he told the steward that no one was to disturb him while he was in his refinery?!

Feng Wu suddenly said, “The old steward knows you very well, but he’s still here, which means it must be something major. Why don’t you go take care of it now? Otherwise, you may be disturbed during the actual refinement, and that’ll ruin everything.”

Old Man Ba was still reluctant to leave. His problem was finally solved. How could he leave his refinery now?

The door opened and the old steward hurried in, then whispered something in Old Man Ba’s ear.

Old Man Ba frowned, heaved a sigh, took off the white robe which he used exclusively for his refining work, and tossed it to the old steward. He then left without another word.

Feng Wu watched as Old Man Ba left, feeling rather intrigued… It seemed that the newcomer was much more important than Mayor Bi.

However, she didn’t have time to ponder the matter —

She had convinced Old Man Ba to leave because she wanted to have the room to herself so that she could refine her Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill!


Feng Wu closed the door to the refinery and locked it with a big padlock. She then returned to the furnace.

A translucent emerald dragon head with an open mouth sat right in the center of the lid. Orange flames were shooting out from the mouth.

Following that dragon head down, she saw on the furnace four smaller carvings of dragons with bronze heads and white jade bodies. Each small dragon faced a different direction, and flames also surged out of their mouths.

Feng Wu opened the head of the topmost dragon, revealing a square containment area that was about 50cm in diameter.

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