Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 102 - The Refinery! Now!

Chapter 102: The Refinery! Now!

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Feng Yiran smacked his forehead.

He had always thought of Young Lord Feng as this proud, haughty guy, but right now, the young lord was whining like a kid who had lost in a squabble. That was so childish!

However, Jun Linyuan and Xuan Yi didn’t even frown. Clearly, the two of them were so used to Feng Xun’s behavior.

Feng Yiran obviously couldn’t comment on that, but the look he gave Feng Wu was more contemplative now.

The fact that she was useless did nothing to curb her arrogance. She was fortunate that Young Lord Feng was an amiable man. If it were the crown prince… Feng Yiran felt then that it was time to teach Feng Wu a lesson as an elder brother.

Feng Wu led her mother and brother out of the courtyard.

Carefree and content, her beautiful mother gave Feng Wu a wave of her hand and went back to her room to take a nap, as innocent as ever and holding herself aloof from the rest of the world.

Feng Xiaoqi, on the other hand, held onto Feng Wu. “Sister —”

“Yes?” Feng Wu arched an eyebrow.

“You were awesome back there!” Feng Xiaoqi gave her a thumbs up. “You yelled at a young lord back there! His face was practically green!”

Feng Wu sighed. “Too bad I didn’t offend him enough to send him away.”

Feng Xiaoqi pouted as well. “Exactly. Why do they have to stay here? Are they going to be here the next time you cook for us?”

Feng Xiaoqi took his food very seriously and couldn’t stand the idea of having to share his every meal with those people from now on. His cheeks puffed up in frustration.

Feng Wu jabbed a finger in his temple. “You silly little thing.”

She knew perfectly well that her top priority was to make that Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill so that she could resume her cultivation.

She would never be taken seriously if she remained in this crippled state.

At that thought, Feng Wu looked up at the sky. It was just past noon and the sun was shining brightly.

After whispering something in Feng Xiaoqi’s ear, she patted him on the shoulder. “Do you know what to say if they ask about me?”

“Yes!” Feng Xiaoqi nodded solemnly!

Once that was settled, Feng Wu did a run-up and hopped onto the wall. Then, with a push of her right hand, she jumped over the high wall and disappeared out of sight.

Feng Xiaoqi clenched his fists. His sister had just told him that she would find a way to resume her cultivation after today… so, he would do all he could to cover her tracks for this afternoon.

Feng Wu landed lightly on the ground once she was on the other side of the wall. She stood there listening carefully for a moment. After making sure that she heard no other sounds, she smiled a little.

Jun Linyuan and his people wanted to stay in the Feng manor? Fine, suit themselves. She could go out herself. The Feng manor wasn’t the only place with a refining furnace. Old Man Ba had a much nicer refinery than hers.

Old Man Ba was the best medicine refiner in Northern Border City. He was even well-known throughout the Junwu Empire.

Feng Wu was very confident in her refining skills because… she was better than the famous Old Man Ba.

It would be typical to assume that an eccentric medicine refiner like him would live as a recluse in some remote area, but not Old Man Ba. He lived in the most bustling area of Northern Border City —

He lived right next door to Spring Fragrance Tower — the pleasure quarters.

Every time Feng Wu came here, she had to cover her nose because of the stifling scent of all the rouge and powder the women wore.

“Why, you showed up in time! To the finery! Now!” Old Man Ba rushed out wearing clothes made from coarse materials as soon as Feng Wu stepped in. He grabbed Feng Wu by the wrist.

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