Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 101 - She Yelled at Me!

Chapter 101: She Yelled at Me!

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Feng Wu kept stealing glances at Feng Xun, for she was curious to see how the guy was going to tell the truth.

Feng Xun glowered at Mayor Bi impatiently. “Why are you so naggy? Just get it done!”

Mayor Bi glanced at Jun Linyuan again. Since the latter showed no intention of intervening, Mayor Bi had no choice but to heave a sigh and leave…

Feng Xun turned his head and shot a glance at Feng Wu. “We’ll be staying here for a while. Happy?”

Feng Wu said, “… Not at all!”


Feng Wu was speechless.

Feng Liu was the genuinely delighted one. Playing with a lock of her hair coyly, she looked up every now and then to steal a glance at Jun Linyuan.

Instead of going to live in the Lingering Garden, the crown prince had chosen to live in this dilapidated Feng manor… he had to be doing it for her, right? So, His Royal Highness was… Oh god, she couldn’t bring herself to say the word!

Feng Liu blushed at that thought and lowered her gaze.

Feng Xun found Feng Liu’s behavior very confusing. What was this woman doing? She had turned red in the face and was giving Boss Jun strange looks. That was so creepy.

He didn’t have time to care about Feng Liu, though. Instead, he only prompted Feng Wu. “Hurry up now.”

“What?” Feng Wu was confused.

Feng Wu almost had a meltdown when she heard that they were going to stay. She couldn’t think of anything else.

“Go get our rooms ready. Make our beds, and do whatever needs to be prepared. Do I have to ask?” Feng Xun rolled his eyes.

Feng Yiran said in a hurry, “Young Lord, please don’t worry. The manor looks a little obsolete on the outside, but there’s nothing wrong inside. As for making the beds, we have maids and servants for that.”

Even Feng Liu’s eyelids turned pink, and she was about to volunteer in a shy voice that she could go fix Jun Linyuan’s room when —

Feng Xun snorted. “I need no one but my little cook. All of you, stay where you are. Feng Wu, do it now!”

With her hands on her waist, Feng Wu glowered at Feng Xun. “Are you giving me orders now?”

“I am, so what? You’re my little cook. Am I wrong?” Feng Xun cringed at Feng Wu’s glare and he began to stutter. “Wh- what are you doing?”

“Little cook?” Feng Wu smirked and took a step forward.

Feng Xun stumbled back involuntarily as soon as Feng Wu moved toward him. His eyes were wide open. “Don’t come any closer —”

Feng Wu laughed grimly. “You really think you can just push me around like that, don’t you? Feng Xun, live wherever you want, but make your bed yourself! I’m not taking orders from you!”

After that, Feng Wu took her mother and brother by the hand each and stormed off.

Feng Xun stood there with his mouth open as he watched Feng Wu leave. “… Did, did she just yell at me? And she left just like that? She’s my cook!”

Xuan Yi darted Feng Xun a look. “She’s Feng Wu.”

“She’s Feng Wu, so what? How could she yell at me?!” Feng Xun was hurt.

Watching Feng Wu from behind, Xuan Yi said approvingly, “That’s the real Feng Wu.”

“She was so mean!” Feng Xun wouldn’t let it drop. Gesturing at Feng Wu, he complained to the others, “She yelled at me!”

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