Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 43 - The Holy Maiden Finally Tortured the Elder to Death  

Chapter 43: The Holy Maiden Finally Tortured the Elder to Death

It was not noon yet.

Bai Yi, who was waiting for the waiter to serve the dishes in the inn, saw the shopkeeper of the medicine shop, Old Liu, rushing over.

When Old Liu saw Bai Yi, the joy on his face could not be hidden at all.

He said excitedly, “Young Master Bai! It’s the wrath of Heaven! It’s the Li Clan that has suffered the wrath of Heaven! This morning, two thunderbolts descended from the sky and wiped out the evil Li Clan!”

“Almost none of the core disciples of the Li Clan have escaped. Only those who work outside have escaped.”

“Even the Heavens can’t stand the Li Clan’s tyrannical actions!”

Old Liu hurriedly sat in front of Bai Yi and poured a cup of tea and drank it in one gulp.

After moistening his somewhat hoarse throat, he continued to say agitatedly, “Li Heshan, Li Shengke, Li Lianyi, Li Shuhai… These bastards have been bullying merchants like Old Liu for many years, and we remember them clearly.”

“These bastards have done countless things. Today, the Heavens have really avenged us.”

Speaking up to this point, Old Liu said with a hint of regret, “However, I heard that those who are young are not qualified to enter the ancestral hall to discuss matters.”

“Moreover, there are three or three core members of the Li Clan currently outside Qinghe County.”

“If only they were all dead! What a pity!”

After hearing this, Bai Yi raised his eyelids. His tone was very appropriate with a hint of surprise as he asked, “Where did you hear about this?”

Old Liu chuckled. “Of course, it’s from the Li Clan. The Li Clan is currently in a mess! Those younger generation members of the Li Clan are only in their teens. Some of them are only a few years old. How can they suppress the people under them?”

“There are many servants who had the guts to take all the treasures inside. They want to take the opportunity to make a fortune!”

“Also, the people from the Cao Gang have also broken into the Li Clan Mansion.”

“If it wasn’t for my integrity… I would have gone to join in the fun.”

Bai Yi asked again, “After such a big incident, did the Yamen of the Imperial Court not care about it?”

“Yes! But they can only barely protect the younger generation of the Li Clan. They can’t care about anything else.”

Old Liu clicked his tongue. “The Immortal cultivators of the Yamen are all here.”

“If it weren’t for the Yamen protecting them, the Li Clan would probably have been set on fire.”

“They have many enemies in Qinghe County!”


After hearing the news from Old Liu, Bai Yi had some understanding of the current situation.

When he almost wiped out the core members of the Li Clan, those people who were staring at the Li Clan could not hold back anymore.

More or less, they had been bullied by the Li Clan. They even had a blood feud with the Li Clan.

However… in the past, because of Li Clan’s tyranny and foundation, they did not dare to take any revenge.

Now, it was different.

Of course, there would definitely be a lot of people who took advantage of the troubled waters, and these kinds of people probably accounted for the majority.

At this point, the Li Clan would not be eliminated from Qinghe County, but they would be greatly weakened.

Unless a powerful man descended from the sky one day, no one would be able to reverse the decline of the Li Clan.

Bai Yi also stopped when things were good.

As long as the main emissary, Li Heshan, was dead, he would not continue to cause trouble for the Li Clan.

Time passed, and soon, it was noon.

The atmosphere in the inn was still very cold and cheerless. After all, there were still a few days before the Grand Banquet at the Chen Residence ended. Occasionally, a few customers would come in and talk about the Li Clan’s sufferings. They all spoke about it nonchalantly, as if enjoying the Li Clan’s misfortune.

They were probably lamenting that the Heavens had eyes, or regretting that those people from the Li Clan had not died.

From this, it could be seen that in the eyes of the common people, the Li Clan of Qinghe County was indeed an existence that did not have much of a reputation.

That was true.

A clan that raised a criminal organization like the Cao Gang. It would be a wonder if their reputation was good.

Bai Yi had already finished his lunch. He had just taken a sip of the soup when he sensed that the Human Tools in different locations were trying to connect to the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

He gave the two of them access.

[Age 0, Chen Qianxue was born into a poor family. In this life, she decided not to cause any trouble, although she had such thoughts in her previous Immortal cultivation simulations.]

[Age 30, other than returning to the sect every year to get cultivation resources, Chen Qianxue rarely stayed in the sect. She was like an invisible person, keeping an extremely low profile.]

[Age 60, she encountered a few Demonic Cultivators who were doing evil. Chen Qianxue wanted to stop them, but she held back. She chose to report the traces of a few Demonic Cultivators to the nearby sects and exterminated a few Demonic Cultivators who were doing evil.]

[Age 80, Chen Qianxue broke through to the eighth level of the Qi Refinement stage. She still did not choose to stay in the sect for long. After obtaining the cultivation resources from the sect, she immediately went down the mountain to gain experience.]

[Age 90, Chen Qianxue felt that there was no hope for her to break through to the first level of the Foundation Establishment realm before the age of 100. However, she could try to break through to the ninth level of the Qi Refinement stage before the age of 100.]

[Age 95, Junior Martial Sister Hou Yingyun has already stabilized the first level of the Foundation Establishment stage. Chen Qianxue felt happy for her from the bottom of her heart. She herself has also broken through to the ninth level of the Qi Refinement stage.]

[Age 100, Chen Qianxue learned the news from the Sky-holding Sect — Elder Yue died from the backlash of the cultivation technique! After learning this news, Chen Qianxue couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.]


“I’m 100 years old now, and I didn’t wait in vain. My thoughts aren’t wrong. Since there’s no way to deal with Elder Yue, then I’ll torture her to death! In any case, she’s already at the stage of the backlash of the cultivation technique. Sooner or later, she’ll die.”

Chen Qianxue, whose appearance had not changed much, could not help but sigh with emotion. “In this way, regardless of whether it’s me or Junior Sister, we’ll be able to escape from danger.”

Unfortunately, her innate ability was too poor, and it was all supported by her talent of ‘Sword’.

If she had that kind of Immortal cultivation innate ability of her reality…

In 100 years, Chen Qianxue felt that she could completely break through to the Golden Core stage.

She could use her own strength to kill Elder Yue, and there was no need to struggle!

“In the end, my own strength is still insufficient.”

Chen Qianxue shook her head. “Now, my next goal is to break through to the Foundation Establishment stage in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator. Then, break through to the third layer of the Foundation Establishment stage in one go. After that, I can change my life.”

She continued to focus on cultivation.

[Age 110, you feel that you can already break through to the tenth layer of the Qi Refinement stage. However, to be on the safe side, you decided to play it safe and avoid the backlash if you fail to break through. You don’t want to end up like Elder Yue.]

[Age 120, you’ve reached the tenth layer of the Qi Refinement stage!]

[Age 121, the seal on a Demon-sealing Tower in the Sky-holding Sect loosened. The demon broke through the Demon-sealing Tower! The Sky-holding Sect has encountered a great calamity. In the end, you are still a disciple of the Sky-holding Sect. You returned to the sect to fight against the calamity together with the Sky-holding Sect.]

[The demon is too powerful. The Sect Master of the Sky-holding Sect has died in battle. A large number of Elders have died in battle. Your Junior Sister has also died in battle. There are less than ten disciples left in the Sky-holding Sect.]

[The demon glares at you, and the glare kills you.]

[Age: 121 years, 11 months, 02 days]

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