Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 42 - Sky-Holding Lightning-Controlling Technique! Annihilate Them All in One Go!  

Chapter 42: Sky-Holding Lightning-Controlling Technique! Annihilate Them All in One Go!


For some unknown reason, the sky above the Li Clan was covered with dark clouds. In addition, the members of the Li Clan were all in a heavy mood, causing the overall atmosphere to be very tense. No one dared to say a single word casually.

In just a short two hours, the people of the Li Clan who were outside had basically been summoned back. Moreover, they also learned something incredible from the Clan Head.

The Patriarch was dead!

This caused all Li Clan’s disciples to fall into chaos.

They were able to stand firm in Qinghe County for hundreds of years because of their relationship with the Li Clan’s Spirit Sword Sect.

For generations, the Li Clan had Immortal cultivators working in the Spirit Sword Sect.

They would all protect the Li Clan.


What was unexpected was that in their generation, their backer actually collapsed.

It was unexpected!

Now, all of the Li Clan’s distinguished people had gathered in the Li Clan’s ancestral hall.

Everyone’s face carried a bit of worry, and the young people’s eyes were even more flustered. Their gazes were all focused on Li Heshan.

Li Heshan’s expression looked rather haggard. He looked around at everyone present, and his emotions were extremely complicated. He said in a deep voice, “The Li Clan can no longer stay in Qinghe County. I know that each of you has your own businesses in Qinghe County, but you must make a decision now.”

“If you want money, stay in Qinghe County and wait for someone to take your life. If you want your lives, pack up and leave Qinghe County immediately. With the Li Clan’s background, even if we leave Qinghe County, we have a chance to make a comeback.”

“In other places, the Li Clan also has businesses and plans.”

“In short… If you are willing to leave with me, the head of the clan, then go back and pack your things. We will leave during the night.”

“If you’re not willing to leave, I won’t stop you. It’s your choice.”

The Li Clan members could not help but look at each other. It could be seen that they were very conflicted in their hearts.

In Qinghe County, they were considered wealthy men. Many people treated them respectfully whenever they went out.

After leaving Qinghe County, would they still receive such treatment?

However… Just as the family head said, if they continued to stay in Qinghe County, they would basically die!

Even if the murderer who killed the old ancestor did not take action. When the other enemies of the Li Clan found out about it, they would definitely take action against the Li Clan.

It should be mentioned that Li Clan had a lot of properties, and people were eyeing them!

“Big Brother, we’ll do as you say.” A younger brother of Li Heshan echoed, “At most, we can go somewhere else and make a comeback. As long as we keep our lives, nothing is impossible.”

The others also chimed in.

Li Heshan was very satisfied with this. It seemed that as the head of the Li Clan, he still had enough prestige at such a critical time.

Just as he was about to say something…


A series of deafening thunder suddenly exploded in the air above the Li Clan.

It gave him a big fright!


‘Looks like there’s really too much going on today. I’m a little paranoid.’

A thought flashed through Li Heshan’s mind, but he did not take the Thunder to heart.

Thunder… It was very normal.


Iin the next moment!

A terrifying bolt of lightning fell from the sky. The blinding lightning made the servants in the Li Clan mansion hurriedly close their eyes. The rumbling thunder shook their eardrums, and they felt a faint tingling pain.

When these servants opened their eyes in panic, they saw a scene that they would never forget for the rest of their lives.

They saw–

The debris of the roof of the Li Clan ancestral hall fell to the ground, and there was a very obvious charred mark on it. The lightning that fell from the sky actually pierced through the roof!

Before they could recover from their shock, another bolt of lightning struck down!

This time, these servants saw it clearly.

The flickering electric arcs accurately struck the ancestral hall, as if God’s punishment had descended!

It made people tremble in fear!

When the second bolt of lightning disappeared, after waiting for more than ten breaths of time, they realized that the lightning bolts had stopped. Only then did the servants gather their courage and approach it slowly.


A servant of the Li Clan saw the scene inside through the crack in the door of the ancestral hall. He was so shocked that he sat on the ground. “Dead… Dead! All… all dead! Old men, young men, all dead!!”

His words stirred up a thousand waves.

The servants, stewards, maidservants, and guards all widened their eyes in shock.


Struck by lightning?


A steward did not care about the rules and bypassed the frightened servant. He pushed open the door of the ancestral hall in a panic and saw that there were charred bodies inside. He even smelled the smell of burnt flesh.

“No! Not all of them are dead! There are still people alive! Quick! Go and get a doctor!”

He noticed a charred human body that seemed to be still moving and hurriedly shouted.

The entire Li Clan mansion immediately turned into a mess.

Some people broke in to check who was still alive, some people walked away in a daze, and some people did not know what to do as if the sky was falling.

In the end, these servants of the Li Clan found out that their Master was dead!

Only 9 of the more than 20 core members of the Li Clan were still breathing.

However, the situation was not optimistic. Whether they could survive depended on fate!

At the same time.

Bai Yi seemed as if he had not done anything at all and walked in the direction of home unhurriedly.

In fact, the two bolts of lightning that fell from the sky…

Were attracted by him.

Previously, he had used some tricks to find out the location of Li Heshan from a servant of the Li Clan.

Then, he used the Sky-holding Lightning-controlling Technique.

His goal was to make Li Clan Head lose his chance to turn the tables. He used an ultimate killing move right away!

Even if the opponent was an ordinary person, it was not wrong to use all of his strength.


The situation slightly exceeded his expectations. The effect of the two thunderbolts was slightly more exaggerated than he had imagined.

“It seems like the whole nest has been wiped out.” He had also heard some of the chaos in the Li Clan. He muttered, “I didn’t expect all of them to actually gather. I wonder how many people will die. All of them shouldn’t be able to survive, right?”

“Even if there are a few people who are still alive, unless they can consume some precious medicinal pills, they will not be able to live for the time it takes an incense stick to burn.”

“Originally, I only wanted to kill Li Heshan alone… I can only say that they are too unlucky.”

With the cultivation of the seventh level of the Qi Refinement stage, using the Sky-holding Lightning-controlling Technique twice did not consume much of Bai Yi’s energy.

Bai Yi did not have much of an opinion about accidentally capturing all the core members of the Li Clan in one fell swoop.

The core members of a clan like the Li Clan, apart from newborn babies, none of them were innocent.

Even if they were all killed, not a single one of them would be innocent.

Bai Yi did not feel any psychological burden at all. If he did not have the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, and if he did not become an Immortal cultivator…

Then… he would be the one that was dead.

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