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Chapter 41 - The Panicked Li Clan Head  

Chapter 41: The Panicked Li Clan Head

Standing on the building rooftop in the distance, the cold wind was blowing, and sweat was about to drench his clothes. He was not aware that his life no longer belonged to him at this moment.

He also did not know that the four people in the courtyard had decided his fate with just a few words.

Now, he was locked down by three Foundation Establishment auras.

He was so scared that he did not dare to move. He did not even dare to run.

He was afraid that if he made any strange movements, he would lose his life immediately.

Suddenly, the Li Clan Patriarch saw a flash of silver light. He recognized that it was a flying sword flying at a very fast speed.

Moreover, this flying sword was coming for him!

The Li Clan’s Patriarch’s hair immediately stood on end. He felt an unprecedented sense of danger!

Death… death was imminent!

He was just about to dodge the attack of the flying sword when he suddenly felt a great sense of fear. It was an Immortal cultivator who was stronger than him, using his aura to suppress his actions!

It was the three Foundation Establishment Immortal cultivators in the courtyard! They also wanted him to die!


Not good!

It’s over!

Thousands of thoughts flashed through his mind in that short instant, but in that instant, all of them came to an abrupt halt. A huge head was thrown backward, and the cut on his neck was very smooth.

One sword strike.


If Bai Yi were to deal with the Li Clan Patriarch alone, he would have to use all of his trump cards in order to have the confidence to win.

After all, Bai Yi was only at the seventh level of the Qi Refinement stage, two stages lower than the Li Clan Patriarch.

Even if the Li Clan Patriarch’s lifespan was approaching its end and his strength had decreased, the difference in stages was still very difficult to make up for.


Who asked this guy to be so unlucky as to choose this night to attack. In the end, he met the people from the Zhengxin Palace.

Moreover, at the very beginning, the Li Clan Patriarch wanted to kill the people from the Zhengxin Palace to silence them.

It could only be said that he had offended an existence that he should not ever have offended.

Time passed by.

When the next morning arrived, the Li Clan Head was not in the mood to enjoy the morning scenery. He had not slept for the entire night and had waited for the Patriarch at home for the entire night.

Last night, the Patriarch of the Li Clan, who was also the grandfather of Li Heshan, took his sword and went out to kill Bai Yi.

Before he went, the Patriarch said that he would be back in an hour.

In the end… It had already been a night, so why hadn’t the Patriarch come back?

Hiss! Could it be that something unexpected had happened?

Could it be that the Patriarch, as the outer sect deacon of the Spirit Sword Sect, actually lost to Bai Yi?

How could it be?!

The Li Clan Head, who was waiting impatiently, finally could not help but call a few servants over and ordered, “The few of you, go to that place where Bai Yi lives and take a look and see what happened there.”

The few servants looked at each other with confusion in their hearts, but they did not dare to ask any more questions.

They hurriedly ran away.

More than an hour later, they came back in a hurry.

“Nothing happened?” Li Heshan could not help but widen his eyes when he received this reply. It was difficult for him to maintain the shrewdness and self-restraint of the head of the clan. “How is that possible? There are no signs of a fight at all? And you saw that Bai Yi was still alive and well?”

He was stunned! Li Heshan did not expect that his own clan’s Patriarch would not be able to deal with Bai Yi.

Bai Yi was alive and well, and the Patriarch was missing.

The implications were obvious! In an instant, he broke out in cold sweat!

“Quick! Quickly call your Young Master, Young Miss, and Madam! Call back all the Li Clan members outside! What are you standing here for? Go quickly!”

Li Heshan’s tone could not help but contain a trace of panic.

He could not quite believe the absurd guess in his mind, but the situation before him told him that the absurd guess was most likely correct.

There was a very high possibility that the Patriarch was gone!

The Patriarch was the most powerful Immortal cultivator of the Li Clan. If he was killed by Bai Yi, then the Li Clan would have to face the other party’s revenge, right?

How could they resist the revenge of a powerful Immortal cultivator?

“Why did things turn out like this… Things shouldn’t have turned out like this.”

Li Heshan’s eyes were filled with confusion. This was the first time in his decades of life that he felt helpless.

Until now, he did not have any regrets. Perhaps the only regret was that he did not find a beautiful girl back then.

At the same time.

On Bai Yi’s side.

Bai Yi, who had solved the problem last night, looked as if nothing had happened this morning. He just felt a slight pain in his head. The effects of Immortal cultivators’ Spirit Wine were quite strong.

He could already determine that the person who attacked him last night was an Immortal cultivator from the Li Clan of Qinghe County.

Bai Yi had obtained a very small storage bag from the other party. From within, he found the other party’s identity jade token.

Spirit Sword Sect outer court deacon — Li Xu!

Moreover, he also had a clan tree indicator with him, which was the Li Clan clan tree!

To be able to carry a clan tree with him, he was definitely the person with the highest status in the clan. This meant that he was the person with the most seniority and highest status in the Li Clan last night, right?

“Then it seems that this was the limit to Li Clan’s hidden strength,” Bai Yi muttered.

A ninth level Qi Refinement cultivator, and at the same time, an outer sect deacon of the Spirit Sword Sect.

This kind of cultivation and identity was indeed unattainable in the eyes of others.

If it was Bai Yi from a few days ago, knowing that the Li Clan had such a figure, he would definitely run away without hesitation!

However… In just a few short days, the identities and thoughts of both parties had undergone a huge change.

“The one who wants to run away now is probably that Li Clan Head, right?”

Bai Yi narrowed his eyes.

His previous self had been killed by the Li Clan. Bai Yi did not believe that the Li Clan Head did not know about it. Or rather, this was an order given by the other party, and then the Li Clan’s lackeys would carry it out.

Under such circumstances, do you expect Bai Yi to let him go?

How could that be possible?! Since the other party could do such a thing, he had to be prepared for revenge.

Although they had done it to the previous owner, Bai Yi still would not let them go, especially since they had also targeted him. Last night, they had even dispatched a ninth level Qi Refinement cultivator…

If not for the presence of the three unlucky fellows from Zhengxin Palace, Bai Yi would have to face an enemy which surpassed him by two realms… It would have been extremely difficult.

Therefore, he could not just casually sweep this matter aside.

Putting aside the thoughts in his mind, Bai Yi raised his head to look at the sky.

It was only early morning.

After muttering to himself for a few seconds, Bai Yi shifted his gaze to his hand, which was holding a small jade bottle.

This jade bottle belonged to one of the three Immortal cultivators from the Zhengxin Palace from last night.

It had ‘accidentally’ landed in Bai Yi’s house.

Inside it was a medicinal powder that could dissolve corpses. It was used to make the corpse of the Li Clan Patriarch disappear.

Last night, he had only poured out half of it, and after waiting for less than a minute, there was not a single trace of the corpse left.

Now, there was still half of the contents left in the bottle!

He could ignore the other members of the Li Clan, but that Li Clan Head, that instigator…

He must die!

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