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Chapter 40 - Funeral Services Were Arranged for Him

Chapter 40: Funeral Services Were Arranged for Him

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At night.

The Li Clan’s old Patriarch had already changed into another set of clothes. Even his face had been disguised, so no one could see his original appearance or even his age.

The purpose was to hide his identity so that no one would find out that he was doing such a thing on the Chen Clan’s Old Master’s birthday.

In his eyes, the so-called Old Master of the Chen Clan was just a little kid.

However… who asked that guy to have such a powerful granddaughter?

The Old Master of the Li Clan did not dare to provoke Chen Qianxue at all, so he went through so much trouble.

His figure was like a ghost in the night.

In the blink of an eye, he flew away. He was so fast that people could not see him clearly.

Although the cultivation of the ninth level of the Qi Refinement stage could not make him fly, it was still possible for him to stay in the air for a short time.

Not long after, he arrived at his destination.

He stood on the eaves of a house and looked down at the house in front of him.


He suddenly realized that there seemed to be more than one aura in the house.

There were other people!

“Humph! Are the Li Clan all good-for-nothings now? Didn’t we agree that the itinerant cultivator called Bai Yi has always been a loner and doesn’t have any companions?”

The Li Clan Patriarch could not help but curse his own children and grandchildren in his heart. He had a feeling that he had failed to live up to expectations.

He felt that… if the Li Clan continued to be controlled by these good-for-nothings, sooner or later, they would be completely defeated by them.

However… he did not have the slightest bit of worry.

The Li Clan’s Patriarch discovered that among the several auras, apart from one that had some spiritual fluctuations, he did not feel any spiritual fluctuations.

In other words..

The person that had spiritual fluctuations should be Bai Yi, and the ones that did not were three ordinary people.

The Li Clan’s Patriarch was not sure if Bai Yi was really at the fifth level of the Qi Refinement stage.

However, he was sure that Bai Yi was weaker than him.

After all, he could sense the spiritual energy fluctuations of the other party, which could explain the difference between the two.

“Settle it quickly.” The Li Clan Patriarch knew that the Holy Maiden was still in Qinghe County.

He did not want to waste any more time with Bai Yi. He pinched his fingers and spiritual energy surged.

A flying sword automatically flew out of its sheath!

It floated steadily!

A faint spirit energy circulated on the flying sword, containing a myriad of killing intent that made one’s hair stand on end just by looking at it!

“Go!” The flying sword quickly locked onto the spirit energy fluctuation in the courtyard.

Then, it instantly broke through the air!

This sword… was a sure-kill move!

The Li Clan’s patriarch could be said to be full of confidence in this. He did not think that an immortal cultivator weaker than him would be able to block his meticulously prepared and sneak-attacked sword.

Seeing that the flying sword was about to pierce through the roof tiles.


The next moment —

A loud ‘Ding’ sound rang out, causing the Li Clan Patriarch’s eyes to suddenly widen. He looked at the flying sword that was blocked in disbelief!

He clearly saw an unfamiliar flying sword fly out from the courtyard, forcibly blocking his flying sword!

The two flying swords bounced off each other after colliding.

The Li Clan’s Patriarch hurriedly controlled and stabilized the body of the sword, but he was shocked to find that there was an obvious gap on the body of his flying sword!

Moreover, there were many fine cracks!

“Is that… a Spirit Weapon?!”

The Li Clan’s Patriarch sucked in a breath of cold air. What else could destroy his flying sword in an instant if not a Spirit Weapon?

Moreover… how did the other party discover him?

He had obviously concealed himself so well.

It was clearly a sneak attack.

“Damn it, the intelligence that those good-for-nothings gave me was all wrong!” He immediately felt that he was in a very tricky situation. The situation had already exceeded his expectations. He even did not have full confidence in killing Bai Yi.


He had to retreat!

An itinerant cultivator with a Spirit Weapon, and it was absolutely impossible for the other party to be at the fifth level of the Qi Refinement stage. It was very likely that the other party was only slightly weaker than him.

Under such circumstances… he did not dare to guarantee that he could kill the other party with 100% confidence.

He absolutely could not act without 100% confidence.

This was his principle as an Immortal cultivator, and it was also the reason why he was able to live until today.

However, when he turned around and wanted to escape.

He was shocked to discover three powerful auras. The aura that made him feel some despair locked onto him at the same time, causing his movements to stop. Cold sweat continuously flowed from his forehead.

Foundation Establishment!

It was definitely Foundation Establishment!

Three Foundation establishment! One Qi Refinement!

The three existences in the courtyard that he could not sense any spiritual energy fluctuations were actually not ordinary people. They were stronger than him, so he could not sense that they were Immortal cultivators!


The Li Clan’s Patriarch felt his scalp go numb, and a chill rushed from his back to his head.

He swallowed his saliva. He was numb!

“This is the Spirit Sword Sect’s Sword Control Technique, right?”

In the courtyard, an immortal cultivator of Zhengxin Palace held a cup of spirit wine and glanced outside with a slightly tipsy look.

His eyes seemed to be able to penetrate the wall and see the Li Family’s Patriarch who did not dare to move on the eaves in the distance.


He asked with puzzlement, “Fellow Daoist Bai, why did you offend the people of the Spirit Sword Sect?”


These three Foundation Establishment stage Immortal cultivators were precisely the three unlucky fellows who came to Qinghe County to look for Qin Jiao.

They were originally full of confidence in finding Qin Jiao.

In the end…

They did not find a single hair, and Qin Jiao did not even show her face near the Chen Residence.

They searched for a few days but did not find anything.

They were so depressed that they met Bai Yi unexpectedly again in the evening.

Both sides gathered and drank wine. After all, in Qinghe County, they only knew Bai Yi.

They drank wine in silence. Bai Yi drank with them.

Bai Yi withdrew his sword finger, and Baiping Sword returned instantly and put it back into the sheath. He said, “Maybe the Li Clan is here!”

The only person he had offended in this world was the Li Clan of Qinghe County.

He could guess the identity of the sneak attacker with one guess.

He did not expect that the Li Clan actually had some connections in the Spirit Sword Sect. His expression was a little strange.

“Li Clan?”

The Immortal cultivators of Zhengxin Palace were startled.

Bai Yi briefly recounted what had happened, and some things that should not be said were brought up by him, which made them suddenly understand.

One of them pursed his lips and could not help but say in disdain, “The Spirit Sword Sect is the Spirit Sword Sect. These rascals are an embarrassment of our righteous sects.”

Another person flashed with killing intent. “This fellow, he even wanted to kill the three of us just now. He really doesn’t know death.”

The last person said stiffly, “Will killing him cause trouble for the Zhengxin Palace?”

The three people revealed their killing intent.

Obviously, the Li Clan’s Patriarch had offended them.

Immortal cultivators were never good people. They usually restrained their words and actions, but if someone took the initiative to make a move, then what was there to restrain?

However, the other party’s identity was somewhat sensitive and knew the Spirit Sword Sect’s Sword Control Technique.

Killing the Spirit Sword Sect’s Immortal cultivator was quite troublesome.

“Fellow Daoists, he came because of me, so let me take his head!” Bai Yi’s tone was very calm, but it made them look sideways.

“Fellow Daoist Bai, aren’t you afraid of the Spirit Sword Sect’s revenge?” someone said in surprise.

“What are you afraid of?” Bai Yi said with a smile, “He already came to kill us, and I still let him go because of his identity? Then how can you call yourself an Immortal cultivator? Just go home and raise pigs.”

“Alright!” Someone slapped the table and said, “With your temper, I’ll make you a friend!”

After that, that person said seriously, “Fellow Daoist, feel free to make a move. I won’t throw away a bottle of medicinal powder used to dismember corpses here. How can I throw away such an important thing?”

Another person said, “I have a spirit talisman that can kill souls, but I don’t know where it is. I can’t find it!”

The last person coughed. “I have a curse that can remove traces of aura. Fellow Daoist, you can…”

“Senior Brother, don’t make it so obvious!”

“Cough! I’m drunk, I’m drunk.”

Bai Yi was speechless.

What the heck, a funeral service was arranged just like that?

Those who did not know would think that the three of them had some deep enmity with the Spirit Sword Sect!

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