Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 44 - Human Tool 2 Begins to Show Off Her Operation  

Chapter 44: Human Tool 2 Begins to Show Off Her Operation

“…This Immortal Cultivation Simulator must be targeting me!”

No matter how accustomed Chen Qianxue was to death, this sudden and ridiculous way of dying nearly caused her to break down.

The seal on the Demon Lord had loosened? The Demon Lord had escaped? The disciples of the Sky-holding Sect had been killed until blood flowed like a river?

No matter how you looked at it, it sounded ridiculous!

However, she had encountered such a ridiculous thing, or rather, every time she died, it was quite ridiculous, and there was a trend of development that was getting more and more ridiculous.

In other words, it seemed that the longer she lived in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, the more dangerous it would be.

Even if her attributes had not been reduced to zero, she would still encounter all kinds of strange things.


These things, which looked very strange at first glance, were often fatal.

They could always take her life silently.

She had no choice but to start over.

“The Sect Master of the Sky-holding Sect is in the Nascent Soul stage, and it is said that there is a Grand Supreme Elder in the Sky-holding Sect. That person is the previous Sect Master of the Sky-holding Sect, who is also in the Nascent Soul stage.”

“Two Immortal cultivators in the Nascent Soul stage can’t defeat a demon that just broke out of the seal… Doesn’t that mean that the demon is very likely above the Nascent Soul stage?”

“Then how was it sealed by the Sky-holding Sect? Is there a stronger existence in the Sky-holding Sect?”

“The most important thing is…”

“How can such a powerful demon survive in its hands?”

Chen Qianxue was stupefied!

This was the most ridiculous enemy she had ever encountered in her life, even stronger than her Master in reality!

If that Demon appeared in the Spirit Sword Sect, even if the Spirit Sword Sect was not destroyed…

It was estimated that it would also suffer heavy losses!

It would not be able to recover!

In the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, she was only a tenth level Qi Refinement cultivator. Even in reality, she was only a second level Foundation Establishment cultivator.

What should she do?

She had no clue!

“How about… I wait for an appropriate time and choose to leave the Sky-holding Sect?”

This thought popped up in Chen Qianxue’s mind. When she encountered a dead-end. The first solution she thought of was to retreat!

She had to avoid a dead-end!

Compared to the extremely cautious Chen Qianxue, Qin Jiao, the other Human Tool, was more reckless. Or rather, in Qin Jiao’s personality, the word ‘Cautious’ did not occupy an important position.

Qin Jiao took a step back, and she entered the Immortal Cultivation Simulator again and chose the same life as the last time.

She died several times in the simulator, which made her very unconvinced.

A mere Clear Sun Sect actually killed her so many times!

She could not forgive them!

Qin Jiao, who had just been born, showed amazing talent. When she was barely one year old, she could even speak fluently, which made everyone in the Qin family think that she had been possessed by some demon.

If Qin Jiao had not pretended to be a baby at the critical moment, she probably would have been branded as a demon.

[Age 3, you attempt to explore the secrets of your clan.]

[Age 4, you are still exploring the secrets of your clan.]

[Age 5, you met the Patriarch of the Qin Clan alone. This is an Immortal cultivator at the Foundation Establishment stage. You asked if the Qin Clan was hiding any secrets. You originally thought that the Patriarch wouldn’t answer, but you never imagined that he would actually tell you the secret. It turned out to be so simple.]

[You learned that this secret was actually related to your deceased mother. Your mother’s corpse is still preserved to this day and has been placed under the ancestral hall of the Qin Clan. Due to her extremely special constitution, her corpse hasn’t rotted for several years.]

[You seem to have understood something.]

[You were eight years old when you met a seriously injured Demon Cultivator by chance. You learned that the other party came from the infamous Blood Devil Sect. You could have chosen to kill him and spread your fame far and wide, but you chose to save him.]

[After the Demon Cultivator recovered, he didn’t kill you. Instead, he gave you a storage bag. You opened it and found a large number of heavenly materials and earthly treasures, as well as a Command Medallion.]

[The other party said that as long as you crushed the token, he would definitely come to repay you within ten days!]

[You seemed to be deep in thought.]

[Age 13, you successfully woke up the old lady with you. You told her about your worries and some other things. The old lady replied that when it was necessary, you should not care about being on the right path or the wrong path. The most important thing was to survive.]

[Age 17, you’ve already broken through to the fourth level of the Qi Refinement stage through the guidance of the old lady!]

[Age 18, you’ve refined the first batch of pills in your life. Your talent is so high that it made the old lady speechless.]

[Age 20, the people of the Clear Sun Sect paid a visit to your father. Your father had an ugly expression and coaxed them away. You saw the cold killing intent that flashed in the eyes of the people of the Clear Sun Sect when they left.]

[You warned your father to be careful of the other party’s revenge. Your father listened to your advice and made preparations in advance.]

[Age 21, the Qin Family’s preparations were effective. Knowing in advance that the Clear Sun Sect was about to make a move on the Qin Family, the entire family fell into a state of panic. They were absolutely no match for the Clear Sun Sect. Moreover, where could they run to now?]

[Your suggestion: Join the Demonic Dao! The suggestion was so shocking that everyone is stunned.”

[However, your father and Patriarch are seriously considering it.]


“I think… Jiao-er’s words are reasonable. Which sect in the Righteous Dao would dare to offend the Clear Sun Sect, except our Qin Family?” Qin Jiao’s father said.

The current Head of the Qin Family gritted his teeth and said, “Since the Righteous Dao can’t tolerate our Qin Family, why don’t we just defect to the Demonic Dao?”

This was the Qin Family’s desperate gamble. As the Head of the Qin Family, he had to help the Qin Family survive.

In this situation of certain death, the only way out was to go all the way to the dark side.

The Qin Family’s Patriarch said in a low voice, “But, where do we have the connections of the Demonic Dao?”

“If the Qin Family is willing to defect to the Demonic Dao, they might not think highly of our Qin Family.”

Indeed. Those people of the Demon Dao all had very strange temperaments.

They also acted in a perverse and ruthless manner without following the rules.

Moreover, the Qin Family was a Righteous Dao family in the past. How could they have the means to defect to the Demonic Dao?

They tragically discovered that even if they wanted to go to the dark side…

They did not have the means!

If they betrayed the Demon Dao and did not have the protection of a powerful Demon Sect, the Qin Family would not only face the Clear Sun Sect, but also an extremely despairing number of Righteous sects. Even the official forces of the Imperial Court would destroy the Qin Family!

Suddenly, everyone felt a cold and gloomy aura. This aura was filled with a faint smell of blood, making people shudder and their hair stand on end.

They immediately looked at the source of the aura and were shocked to find that it was Qin Jiao!

Qin Jiao held a token in her hand.

The three words carved on the token were clearly seen by everyone present.

Blood Demon Sect!!

“Hiss!!” The Head of the Qin Family immediately sucked in a breath of cold air. He hurriedly set up a formation to conceal his aura and then asked in shock, “This is the Blood Demon Sect’s token? Jiao-er, where did you get it?”

Qin Jiao did not hide anything. At this point, there was no need to hide anymore.

She had saved that Demon Cultivator and kept this token. She had been waiting for today!

Qin Jiao explained everything clearly.

It caused a wave of gasps.

The Patriarch of the Qin Family was the first to recover from his shock, he suddenly stroked his beard and laughed loudly. “Hahaha! I knew that my great-great-granddaughter was not a carp in a pond. Sooner or later, she would transform into a dragon! Good! Good! Anyway, we’re about to die, so why bother with the Righteous Dao or the Demonic Dao? The most important thing is to continue the bloodline of the Qin Family!”

On this day, Qin Jiao entered the core decision-making level of the Qin Family. Her position was only second to the Elder Ancestor of the Qin Family and her father.

She had become the true number three figure of the Qin Family, and no one had any objections.

[You crushed the Blood Demon Sect’s token and waited for seven days for someone from the Blood Demon Sect to arrive!

[Only now do you know that the Blood Demon Sect Demon Cultivator you saved back then was actually the fifth elder of the Blood Demon Sect! The other party has extremely high prestige in the Blood Demon Sect, and many Demon Cultivators are his disciples.]

You tell the people of the Blood Demon Sect everything about the Qin Family’s predicament, and the Blood Demon Sect will secretly take all the old and young of the Qin family away, including the corpse of your deceased mother.

The Clear Sun Sect came to the Qin Family, but they were shocked to find that there was not a single person in the Qin Family.

You successfully broke out of the dead-end.

It had to be said.

Qin Jiao, who seemed to be a little reckless, was the second-in-command, and her performance this time could be considered to be very good. One had to know that in reality, Qin Jiao was the daughter of the Palace Master of Zhengxin Palace. She was a proper person of the Righteous Dao, the kind of person who had the root of the Righteous Dao.

Logically speaking, people like her deeply abhorred Demon Cultivators.

However, in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, Qin Jiao could easily rebel against the Demon Dao.

She did not hesitate at all!

In fact… Bai Yi could even see that Qin Jiao was actually excited!

Ah, this?

If Palace Master of the Zhengxin Palace were to find out that his daughter had such a rebellious tendency, he would probably be extremely angry.

Qin Jiao’s unexpected manipulation allowed her to successfully break out of this impasse.

It was quite something!

As expected, no one who could be the Pride of the Heavens was simple.

Chen Qianxue was cautious and could steadily become stronger and stronger.

On the other hand, Qin Jiao was seeking wealth through risk and could find a way out of a situation where she was bound to die.

If it was anyone else facing these situations, they would have long lost hope.

Their mentality would have collapsed long ago.

However, these two could find a solution.

“Mm, just slightly inferior to me.” Bai Yi was very satisfied with the two Human Tools’ shameless performance.

[Qin Jiao, who joined the Blood Demon Sect at the age of 25, became the true disciple of the Fifth Elder of the Blood Demon Sect. The status of the Qin Family in the Blood Demon Sect rose. It was unknown who leaked the news or whether there was a spy in the Blood Demon Sect, but the Righteous Dao actually found out about it. At this point, the Qin Family became an existence that everyone wanted to kill.]

[Age 28, Qin Jiao learned from the Fifth Elder of the Blood Demon Sect that her mother had a rare Heavenly Spirit Body. After refining her corpse for a period of time, it could be possessed by powerful cultivators who were nearing the end of their lifespan. Moreover, their cultivation wouldn’t decrease by much.]

[Qin Jiao understood the true purpose of the Clear Sun Sect. She was a bit worried that the people of the Blood Demon sect would covet her mother’s corpse.]

[Age 29, she was recognized by a Righteous cultivator as a disciple of the Demon Sect during an experiential learning trip.]

[Qin Jiao was pursued by two Foundation Establishment cultivators!]

[Qin Jiao was defeated and died!]

[She died at the age of 29, 04 months, and 22 days.]

Bai Yi realized that he had just finished praising Qin Jiao a few minutes ago when Human Tool No. 2 had been defeated.

Ah, well…


It had absolutely nothing to do with him!

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